George white – The author of 24 phases of life

George white – The author of 24 phases of life

Passion is a thing that don’t lets you rest and stay calm in your bed. Working to make your dreams come true is the sort of happiness that everyone desires for.

No matter whether it is writing, singing, dancing or anything else that you love doing. All that matters is the way you choose to make that dream come true for you.

George white is the man who is an author , motivational speaker and an amazing father and husband as well. The super talented George is passionate about writing and this has been his hobby from ages.

Having grown up in East Texas he didn’t had so many options to earn there and at that time it was quite difficult for him to maintain the expenses and earn properly.

At that time he became teamplayer of football team in westwood panthers. From there he learnt all the basics of life and understood that how to manage the life events either sad or happiness.

The author of “ 24 phases of life” , thinks that all that is given to you depends on the amount of prayer that you does regularly. All that he did for success was he believed in god and let him move with the flow.

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