Henny West – Giving Back To The Community In Hard Times

Henny West – Giving Back To The Community In Hard Times

During a time of uncertainty and isolation, music is what connects and brings people together, be it on Zoom performances, at-home concerts, or Instagram live sessions. Now more than ever, we need music in our lives to keep us sane despite the troubling circumstances happening in the world right now. Fortunately, a new wave of artists is launching their careers and promoting their music. In particular, one goes by the name of Henny West, a music producer and hip-hop artist who is currently based in Carson, California.

Despite the talent pool getting infinitely larger by the day, Henny West is confident with his own music. His art embodies the modern-day of hip-hop. As a musician, he injects his life story into his craft and uses it as an artistic tool for self-expression. At one point in his life, he never thought of stepping into the music. He shared, “When I was 18 years old, I was living in a terrible neighborhood. I was almost killed. I was shot, and I didn’t think I was going to make it. By the grace of God, I was able to pull through.”
From that moment, he realized, “I always felt in my heart there’s something bigger for me. I just need to stay focused and not give up.” That life-changing event put things into perspective for Henny. He used it as a motivating force to redirect his life and follow what his heart had told him from the start. And that is creating music that can change the world. So he did.

Today, Henny West is claiming the hip-hop scene with his undeniably good music and has been making it for two decades. Like a phoenix, he used his situation to emerge from the ashes. Since then, he has released four albums under his independent record label Dedicated to You Entertainment. Moreover, he produces, writes, and engineers his own music. Sharing his experience during his songwriting session, he creatively combines imagery and metaphors while intricately following his song’s rhythm and pattern. The lyrics and melody come naturally from him when he is in a creative state. His commitment is seen in the way he produces his craft. “I put my heart in every word that I write. I also take pride in engineering. I don’t just put out music that’s not up to standard.”





As the world literally stopped due to the pandemic, Henny saw this as an opportunity to work harder on his music. By the time the world was experiencing lockdown, he was able to release an album. Henny also shared his upcoming project, “Right now I have a project I’m working on that’s titled ‘TrapRock.’ It is a mixture of trap-style hip-hop as well as rock.”

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