Branding expert Sherri Nourse on the importance of social media in building and scaling leading brands

Branding expert Sherri Nourse on the importance of social media in building and scaling leading brands

Discover the hidden secret of achieving marketing success with branding specialist Sherrie Nourse. Her social media marketing agency and her active Instagram handle generate engaging content for businesses, transform the unprocessed data into clear and useful insights, and consequently boosts business outcomes

As a marketer, it is essential to create the right kind of content for social media channels. Sherri Nourse used the power of the internet and founded her social media marketing agency, Ambition Agency, and subsequently, her Instagram profile @motivationmafia. Nourse took inspiration from her real-life experience of failed traditional marketing tools to generate leads and sales conversions. Her research led her to knock the doors of social media where a majority of millennial consumers spend their waking hours learning, knowing, and reviewing products and experiences.

Part and parcel of new-age consumers:

Social media has become such an intrinsic part of our lives that all our marketing decisions are based on reviews that we get from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Nourse’s @motivationmafia is one such new-age Instagram profile that gives space to master and learning entrepreneurs to share their insights on diverse aspects of doing business. One can consider it an educational platform to learn several tricks of the trade. Nourse interviews interesting personalities who have made a mark for themselves in the world of business. Every interview of hers inspires budding entrepreneurs who are still swimming in the challenging waters of doing business. The content is presented in an inspiring manner so that viewers can enjoy consuming it and come back to learn from it.

Essential tools for marketing:

Since new-age customers turn to social media to read reviews of products before buying them, Nourse’s @motivationmafia helps businesses promote their products to learn their features and benefits and make an informed purchase decision.

Companies collaborate with Nourse’s @motivationmafia due to its credibility and high engagement rate. It allows companies to participate in the act of social listening. Social media listening is an important measure to improve a brand’s marketing strategy. As a marketer, brands can try out different approaches, and if something does not work, they assess the analytics for social media to learn what went wrong and then work on the improvement strategies. Companies need to continually monitor the performance of their products to enhance their performance and work on upgrades. Nourse’s agency, Ambition Media, and her Instagram platform helps companies do just that.

Building a robust business strategy:

It is a well-known fact that a brand that responds well to its consumers and looks into their problems tends to score high on the likeability scale. And of course, brands that do not respond, hardly ever, if at all, develop a loyal customer base. Hence Ambition Media uses social media analytics to help companies find out about customer complaints and devise solutions after that. Using the best social media analytics tools results in escalating profits and saves a business from losing valuable customers. The right social analytics tool is the yardstick which helps brands compare all posts and select the most ‘socializing’ one. Since user preferences keep and trends keep changing with the times, Ambition Media helps brands track their posts with the analytics tools and use the compiled data to increase their conversions, traffic, and reach on social media.

Nourse’s expertise and experience in the field of social media help build brands and businesses. She understands the need to establish a connection with the sentiments of the customers using relevant content. She uses analytics to study the difficulties faced by consumers and provides consultation to her clients to take proactive measures to rectify them.

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