Favorite food or Healthy body? Have both with Sai Mahima Diet Plans

Favorite food or Healthy body? Have both with Sai Mahima Diet Plans

Wanna lose weight but can’t control your cravings? Our Diet plans are designed to seamlessly merge into your lifestyle and make you reach your goal while having delicious, innovative, and healthy meals. How great it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your favorite dishes. Sai Mahima started as a consultant dietician in 2014. She opened up her clinic in 2015.

Sai Mahima has a whole different approach and broke multiple false myths related to diet. Many people want to start dieting but they fear dieting. They have this fear of missing out on so many things. Sai Mahima makes sure that your love for food is not compromised and hence suggests healthy recipes of your favorite food with our plans to make sure that you stay motivated throughout.

Up till now dieting or losing weight was perceived as Starving or having boiled or blended food. But Sai Mahima has changed all of that, her diet plans suggest wholesome meals at regular intervals along with items out of your kitchen like Roti, Sabzi, Dal, Fruit, Rice, etc.

As every person in this world differs from one another, Diet plans are also subjective. The diet plans here are customized after analyzing multiple factors.  Your needs, eating habits, medical parameters, medical history, lifestyle, and work schedule all come into the picture when it is about deciding a perfect diet plan for you.

We know anyone can provide you a diet plan but the difficulty comes when you have to decide whom to choose. Checking on you on daily basis and motivating you is equally important so that you don’t leave the race in mid-way through. There would be daily a different diet plan with recipes. We are so busy in our lives that we barely spend a minute to go to gyms or dieticians for follow-up of diet plans. Need not worry, we are just a message or call away from you. We will be available 24/7 through phone or WhatsApp to answer your queries and motivate you. It is our duty to give you a fit and healthy body. We are in this together!

Sai Mahima is awarded as the best dietician in Gurgaon in 2018. Best Dietician in Delhi NCR in 2019.  Sai Mahima says “My life goal is to give a lifestyle and not just a diet plan”. Till date, she has cured thousands of women with PCOD disease. She has happy clients across 38 countries and has been acknowledged as the most reviewed dietician.  

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