Nissan Unveils Four Plug-in Hybrid and Electric NEV Concepts for the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Nissan Unveils Four Plug-in Hybrid and Electric NEV Concepts for the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

At the current Auto China 2024, Nissan debuted a new range of new energy vehicles (NEVs) that showcase the company’s plans for the Chinese market. The vehicle manufacturer unveiled the Epic EV and Era plug-in hybrid SUVs, as well as the Epoch EV and Evo plug-in hybrid sedans, in association with local partner Dongfeng. The idea models are especially made to provide China with greener mobility options. In addition, the Japanese company declared its plans to introduce a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) in China, bringing the total number of anticipated vehicle launches in the nation to five by the fiscal year 2026. Nevertheless, there are currently no specifics about the fifth concept vehicle available. Nissan is showcasing its expertise in future mobility at the event by putting the Hyper Punk and Hyper Force ideas on exhibit.

Nissan Epoch

The Nissan Epoch concept car, which was teased as an all-electric sedan for “urban and suburban go-getters,” suggests that it might actually be a little vehicle. The Epoch’s focus on design and technology makes it the perfect choice to appeal to newer generations. According to Nissan, the Epoch has an emotional intelligence-enhanced virtual personal assistant and an Internet of Things.

Nissan Epic

Packaging and architecture-wise, the Nissan Epic electric crossover and the Epoch are similar. Nissan describes the people it wants to sell to as “adventurous city couples who explore on weekends.” The subcompact SUV will be able to drive itself on both city and highway routes. It will also be capable of bi-directional charging, which makes it possible to charge devices while camping.

Nissan Evo

The Nissan Evo Concept blends cutting-edge safety features, intelligent driving, and plug-in electric car technology. Its enhancements include an artificial intelligence-powered virtual personal assistant that demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to innovation and connectivity in the electric car sector.

Nissan  Era

Finally, the Nissan Era concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV aimed at young professionals who enjoy driving on a daily basis. It looks similar to the electric Epic idea, albeit having a more aggressive front end and a rough design that seems out of place with Era’s urban vocation. The plug-in hybrid crossover features an integrated entertainment system and “zero-gravity seats” for maximum comfort. Because of its advanced e-4ORCE AWD system and dynamic air suspension, it provides a confident drive on any terrain.

In addition to disclosing the concepts, the automaker has stated that it will be collaborating with leading intelligence systems and AI-based service providers to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its cars for the Chinese and international markets. Regarding the Indian market, Nissan is set to launch two new small SUVs, one of which would be based on the same chassis as the eagerly anticipated Renault Duster and have seven seats. The two Nissan SUVs need to be accessible in India by 2026.

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