Rising Musical Artists to Watch in 2021: Jo Rhomeo

Rising Musical Artists to Watch in 2021: Jo Rhomeo

There is something special about finding a new musician and adding them to your playlist. There is an excitement in watching a great artist as they rise in their career and become a household name. One such artist making his way onto the world’s music arena is Jo Rhomeo.

Rhomeo’s music provides high-energy beats filled with joy, love, and happiness. His distinct mix of RnB, soul, and pop style calls for dancing. Listening to several songs of Rhomeo’s recently, the energy and thought put into each song is palpable. Rather than sticking to genre norms, there is a mix of styles and music within a song including hip-hop, pop, RnB, rap, RnB, and soul for a new musical experience. With a worldwide appeal to many ears, it’s no surprise that Jo Rhomeo’s wants “… people to listen to my music worldwide.”At the same time, he’s not just out for the money and fame. Rhomeo’s goal is to“Bring the world together through music and dance.”One song that perfectly pulls this together is Dance With Me. Watching the official lyrics video currently on YouTube provides a story in the realm of dance, pulling your inner dancer to move along with the video.

The journey so far was not overnight but has been a three-year road to success. As a native Angolan and raised in London, he captured the attention of local radio stations, and with guidance, mentoring, and support from several of the hottest DJs and musicians, Rhomeo has started to be noticed elsewhere. Most recently, he was featured in BBC Introduce South and BBC Radio London.

With all music releases available on popular platforms, it’s easy to find Jo Rhomeo. Following him on social media is easy too… Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for starters. So, hop on over to your favorite app and search for Jo Rhomeo today, and welcome in 2021 dancing to his energizing music


Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/jo_rhomeo/

Spotify:- https://open.spotify.com/album/5SScHVr8chOUmCGUo1PA3x?si=WMnP-dYPS0SPfJTuAKgVoA

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/JoRhomeo23

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