Entrepreneur Andreas Szakacs shares his successful on-going career journey

Entrepreneur Andreas Szakacs shares his successful on-going career journey

Finding success in unconventional paths is a skill that many are unaware of. Mundane and boring tasks often fail to lead to success or satisfaction. Andreas Szakacs, an ex-military officer from the beautiful land of Sweden has dared to explore new possibilities and push boundaries for the benefit of the world. He was determined to make a career in finance because of the immense and in-depth knowledge in the field. This plan was finally successful in 2014 and, now, he is the owner of a bank and a Forex trading platform. The man had a vision, to revamp the world and make a difference in the life of the common people.

Andreas currently resides in Dubai and delivers financial guidance to untrained entrepreneurs as well as to large institutions. He has been involved heavily with the East European companies, managing their finance, and has therefore accumulated a lot of experience in the department of European finance. He uses this to his advantage to help customers deal with their financial holding efficiently. The man has always been more inclined towards helping other than toward making money. This attitude has won him enormous love and admiration and, his work continues to receive a lot of acknowledgment from people across the world.

Mr Szakacs is the CEO of an organization called Omegapro that assists and offers guidance to financial institutions, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and banks. He plans to improve the economic conditions of different countries, including developing nations. This genius has worked tirelessly on seemingly impossible concepts to come up with tangible banking systems. Mr. Andreas Szakacs says “Try not to become only a man of success try to become a man of value,” which reflects his passion for helping society become a better version of it.

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