Dae Jones sells her EP ” No Daes Off” for $100, is she the new Nipsey Hussle?

Dae Jones sells her EP ” No Daes Off” for $100, is she the new Nipsey Hussle?

Rap/Treprenuer Dae Jones had just inked her first recording deal with Island Records only a year ago! With Covid heavily impacting the dynamics of the music industry, Dae’s project “No Daes Off” had fell ideal. She released her first single “CashApp” with the label but there was no sign of the full project being released. After having her project on hold and with no clear direction from the label, Dae was able to get released from her deal along with being able to walk away with the rights to her music.


Dae never takes a day off, whether shes working on music, her consulting business, her My Snap N Go company or spending time raising her daughter. It was only right to name debut project “No Daes Off”. No Daes off is a project filled with passion, fun, color, real life stories, and situations that Dae has dealt with. No Daes Off has production from Grammy award winning producer DreDay, “Dorante and Jesus of Litgang”, and Derelle Rideout. The EP has special features from singer Jelani and her daughter Journey Jayda, both are rising singers! Dae took no Dae’s off with this EP!

Dae Jones Hussle

Dae had recently started calling herself Dae Jones Hussle after being told by many that she reminded them of “Nipsey Hussle”. Taking the Nipsey Hussle approach and selling her EP for $100. Dae backs up her decision with the fact that the project comes with merchandise. She’s even added her My Snap N Go hat/hair as a bonus merchandise give away to women purchasers. So in hindsight the project isnt really $100 with all of the merchandise that she adds to the bundle. Many have been in rage about the price, but Dae is standing on her worth. She feels like artist at her level dont get enough credit and are underpaid. “We invest every penny we have to never
see anything in return, we almost give music out for free.” Dae is determined to sell at least 1000 copies because the music is actually good and because she deserves it. Daes EP “No Daes Off” can be purchased at www.daejonesword.com. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye up on Dae. Shes definitely here for the marathon. 

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