Cloe Luv Empowering Women Through Online Communities

Cloe Luv Empowering Women Through Online Communities

Cloe Luv is the latest name in women’s tech and online communities. She recently developed and launched the app WuW, Women Uplifting Women, with the intention of connecting women to empower and support one another from anywhere in the world.

Why was it important for you to create an app that focused on an online community for only women?

Cloe: There is a need for local and international support for women. Online communities are important because the reach is so much further. It’s amazing how meeting someone in another country, another culture, can help expand your perspective and your knowledge of things.

Online communities are more important than ever in 2020 due to COVID, besides your app, which have you found the most support in?

Cloe: Online communities are great for that because they close the gap of how far you can reach [to meet someone new], especially now with COVID. People are stuck inside. We need each other. We need that support.

What ways does the app allow women to connect?

Cloe: Since the app allows women to share their businesses, there are a lot of opportunities to share education, online classes, and more. Women can post, learn from each other, and start conversations. I have met some of my closest friends by getting out of my comfort zone and sending a DM to someone I didn’t know online. I wanted to create a space for others to have the same opportunities at new friendships.

Do you think online communities will continue to play a large role in our future after the pandemic?

Cloe: I do. I think online communities present a way to expand your reach beyond what’s right around you. I think that’s really important and can add so much value to what you are able to accomplish and who you are able to accomplish it with. I do think we will go back to meeting in person, but maybe it’s the person you met online and online communities will remain a strong point.

With the release of the Women Uplifting Women app, Cloe is determined to help women connect and empower one another. While we may not be able to go out as we used to right now, it’s important to seek out support and friendships in these trying times. WuW is a beautiful and innovative way to connect with women around the world and love and support one another in these times, and beyond.

Know more about Cloé Luv by visiting her website and Instagram page.

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