#1 solution for keeping your business safe: Security Cameras

#1 solution for keeping your business safe: Security Cameras

Security cameras have been around since 1942, but a lot of businesses are still on the fence regarding if security cameras are right for them. Modern security cameras are currently offering protection to businesses around the world, but it can be difficult to truly understand their importance until you realize what they offer. In this article, we are going to discuss security cameras and how people in Georgia are using them to keep their employees, products and businesses safe.

Why Should I Get A Security Camera?

When deciding to invest in any type of security product, it’s worth the effort to do your research and consider what you are receiving for your investment, the benefits and if the benefits justify the cost? Security cameras are a great investment because they protect your  business from theft by customer as well as employees, they provide protection when you’re not on site by deterring burglars and they provide a constant live stream of your property to have in the event of a crime or emergency.  Surveillance cameras are also versatile product allowing you to place them in any location that needs securing as well as the ability to configure the protection to your location’s unique needs.   The most valuable benefit though is control & peace of mind. 

What Can A Security Camera Offer?

Security cameras come in many different models and modern surveillance cameras include high resolution lenses with high definition footage recording. Old model security cameras produced grainy footage, but newer models now include clearer lenses with higher resolution capabilities. The modern security camera is smarter, sharper, and more capable than ever. These devices can capture license plates from a far distance, clearly identify a person on your property and can even track a person’s face with facial recognition. These are smart, high definition cameras that can help you to understand who is on your property with complete visual clarity.

Atlanta, Georgia is a beautiful place, but that doesn’t make it safe. Burglars, employees and customers looking to take advantage of a company and unfortunate events happen everywhere. A security camera is your constant back that will not only deter crime from happening in the first place, but will also record when a bike is stolen out front or a car is broken into in your parking lot or when an employee tries  to steal from the office supply kit.  With security cameras, you can easily identify the individuals involved and provide police with a clear video. Security footage assist the police with identifying and capturing the wrong doer and serves as firm evidence during a court hearing.

Are security cameras hard to use?

A common misconception is that security cameras are hard to use and difficult to house. While there are plenty of businesses that have dedicated security rooms, newer security products can be fitted neatly into a small space with footage saved via the cloud than viewed from any smart phone or PC.  Many businesses enjoy having a visual of the cameras while onsite. An LCD flat screen can be tucked into any location to provide a full visual of the business location. 

The ability to access cameras remotely plays a large role in handling a situation quickly. Being able ot quickly see employees serving clients, customer browsing shelves and guest walking through parking lots provides real time control when an event arises.  In addition to live feed video, surveillance cameras can be set-up to provide real-time alerts and active monitoring to ensure you receive notifications when events happen while freeing up your time to work on the many other task a business owner handles each day.   


Investing in security cameras is a great way to put your mind at ease. It means that no matter where you are, you can always check in to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be. Modern security cameras offer incredible new features at a lower price than ever before. If you are interested in looking into security camera solutions for your property, contact us at CFA Security. We design custom solutions to fit your property and businesses unique needs.

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