Blending on the Go with GoPower

Blending on the Go with GoPower

What makes blending raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds such a valuable health practice? Blending renders whole food phytonutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals into liquid form. They are then more easily absorbed by the body, providing optimal sustainable energy. Whether your goal is fitness, weight loss, detox, or healing, nutrient dense smoothies are a quick and easy way to access bioavailable living foods.

Cocinaré’s new state-of-the-art blender, the GoPower Elite, makes blending for health and fitness easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Powerful, compact and portable, the GoPower is a ready travel companion. This mobility liberates the blender from the kitchen counter, making it possible to create superfood cocktails anywhere.

Simply pop the entire GoPower Elite into a daypack for travel or a carry-on for vacation and you’ll never need to settle for empty calories again. Or blend up your favorite smoothie and bring it to the gym, exercise class or office for a satisfying meal or snack. Its 20 ounce BPA free leakproof sports accessory container will keep you hydrated and energized for peak performance on demand.

There’s no doubt that smoothies can boost personal health and fitness. Blending performance and portability make the GoPower Elite a practical choice for those ready to achieve their nutritional goals while on the go.

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