Actors from marathwada have lots talent. search and you will find it One of the great example is : Abhaykumar Kulkarni

Actors from marathwada have lots talent. search and you will find it One of the great example is : Abhaykumar Kulkarni

As we know that there are lots of actors from Matro cities who make their names in film industry with their talents.
But you know actors from marathwada also have lots of talent in them and are coming in the top list with their multiple talents , just search and you will find it
Here is a great example of the famous actor Abhaykumar Kulkarni .

Abhaykumar Kulkarni was born in Beed (malgaon). As when he was of small age he always had dream to became a great actor. When he was a kid from that time he never used to leave Any movie to keep unwatch. There is a saying that if you have dreams that dreams does not make you sleep and you try to follow it until you try to reach it over there. Somewhat similar happend with Abhaykumar’s life

Abhay was from middle class family , after his education the whole responsibility of family came on shoulder. It was very difficult for him to follow his dreams of becoming actor , he had to do work for survival. But he also did not geve up and started giving auditions on holidays and then further he started getting work .
He got his family and Friends support soo much that it encouraged him to do more in industry as an actor.

As due to everyone’s support and prayers he did many films , add films , commercials ect . His aim to come to Mumbai and work in Mahada was just to ensure that he can come and work in film industry . Today he is that great example to the youth actors that after Woking in other field he kept his passion alive and see the results today

Abhaykumar is not only a actor but a great writer , he had wrote many songs lyrics, movie screenplay , plays etc.
He also worked in experimental theatre and maharashtra state level competition as writer. He Won various statelevel prizes for short story writing competitions.
He wrote jingles for an advertisement.

As now he is a successful actor, speaking with him he said that he would like to do historical movies . Gangwar movies . With the renouled directors . His passion made him successful in film industry and made him a great example to follow
We wish Abhaykumar a great luck for upcoming projects and to keep motivating everyone with his work .

Derek Robins

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