Austin´s Highest Rated Chiropractor Dr. Matt Delgado Shares Insights for a Healthier Life

Austin´s Highest Rated Chiropractor Dr. Matt Delgado Shares Insights for a Healthier Life

The balance between work and life has been in the spotlight as more and more people in America and around the world find themselves burned out, exhausted and with low energy levels that stand in the way of experiencing a higher level of enjoyment out of life and its myriad of activities.

While success in the professional arena is undoubtedly one of the pillars of a good life, health, happiness and the ability to spend time doing things you are passionate about with people you care deeply for are priorities and should be treated as such if we wish to attain true balance.

Dr. Matt Delgado is the highest rated chiropractor in Austin, Texas and a leading health and wellness figure nationwide. He firmly believes in the importance of helping others feel good and live better. As the chiropractor of choice for multiple A-list star athletes, Matt is directly responsible for assisting those who seek to take better care of their bodies and learn how to achieve a healthier life through self-care.

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Delgado – head of the acclaimed Lifespring Chiropractic practice – he believes that proper work/life balance is one of the keys to success and happiness. As our interconnected lives unfold at a quicker pace, becoming more and more demanding, we ought to pay attention to repetitive behavioral patterns that might be affecting our body and its overall wellbeing.

Whether you have an office job that requires you to spend hours sitting in a chair in front of a computer, or you are a high performance athlete who is regularly exposed to injuries and the wear and tear that practice and competition can have on your body, scheduling regular check ups is the secret to sustainable success.

In a recent interview, Dr. Delgado shared a few tips for those looking to lead healthier, more balanced lives:

What are the main benefits of a chiropractic alignment?

The benefits of seeing a chiropractor regularly include having a healthy spine, nervous system, and surrounding joints. This leads to a pain free high quality of life Aside from living with less pain, many people notice better movement, and better function of their body which translates to improved posture, better sleep, energy, and mood! A lot of times we live with pain and tension in our body because we have had it for years and believe that we just have to live that way! This is the furthest thing from the truth. We have the power to change our health at any age in life. The earlier we stack health habits in our favor, the better health we will have for life!

How often do you recommend visiting a chiropractor?

It depends! Everybody is different and therefore requires a different amount of frequency. Some of the things that affect treatment time include things like age, past traumas, occupation, stress levels, and exercise frequency. Traumas that contribute to longer treatment times include things like sports injuries, car accidents, falls, broken bones, etc. Other things that we take into account include how someone spends most of their time. If they work at a tech job in front of a computer, and have little motion in their daily routine, they typically need more treatment. High stress levels impact our health by adding tension in our muscles and surrounding joints, which typically results in longer treatment times. When it comes to age, the younger someone is, the quicker they usually respond to chiropractic and the less treatment is needed. This is why we recommend getting an evaluation earlier in life.

Can you share with our readers some of the star athletes that trust you when it comes to their chiropractic needs?

I regularly work with NFL® athletes, college athletes, Olympic gold medalists, professional beach volleyball players and professional basketball players.

Why is it so important for proper health to go in for routine check-ups?

Like anything health related, we get better outcomes and save money in the long run with a proactive approach. Dentistry has done an amazing job at educating the general public on the importance of dental hygiene and maintenance care. We see a dentist to optimize our oral health and to prevent crises. The same holds true with a chiropractic. We can benefit from seeing a chiropractor to optimize our spinal health and prevent a lot of the common musculoskeletal conditions and pain that we so commonly see. I believe that as chiropractors unify their message and work on their branding as a whole, people will better understand the importance of maintenance care.

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