Model Valent Wan Ting emphasizes the supremacy of following a passion

Model Valent Wan Ting emphasizes the supremacy of following a passion

In the race of earning a two-time meal, we have disowned our passion making our life relatively monotonous. And then we sob over the fading excitement from our lives, don’t we? Therefore, model Valent Wan Ting asserts to never give up on our passion.

The model who is also a social media celebrity is very well-known for her fashionableness and trendy reels. Valent Wan Ting has been into modelling for a very long time. Sharing about her love for passion the young sensation says that she had a huge heart for modelling since her childhood.

Modelling was something that Valent Wan Ting was always bound to. Getting dressed in adorable clothes and then posing for photographs made her very much delighted. Doing this gave her heart unparalleled happiness. And it was since then, she wanted to be a model.

Valent Wan Ting believes that our passion is the thing that replenishes our life with a profusion of glee and excitement. Similarly, it empowers a meaning to our aimless life. She further reckons that if we pour out our souls to achieve our fondness, then no one can stop us from turning our passion into a profession.

Valent Wan Ting has always done things that have fascinated her. From modeling to influencing and live streaming, each of these comes straight from her heart. The model also said, “When a person does something of his interest, he does it more vigorously by putting all his heart and mind. And when things are done in an ebullient mood, the outcome is always worthwhile.”

True, isn’t it? Valent herself is quintessential of her words. Through heeding her passion, she has reached the epitome of success. By being a prime name in the world of Tik Tokers, she has also been on the list of the top 10 most popular Tik Tokers of Malaysia as she has more than 1 million followers.

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