All About Weight Loss with Puneet Kaur, Founder of Its Healthy Moms.

All About Weight Loss with Puneet Kaur, Founder of Its Healthy Moms.

Lockdowns and Quarantines are effective in curbing the spread of the COVID’19 however they also come with their own mental and physical tolls. The restrictions imposed by the lockdowns, closing down of gyms and health clubs leading to restricted options of remaining active have affected our waistlines as well. Work from home or rather stay at home for long periods with too many options and ambiance to munch has resulted in many people taking on more calories than they work off. Consequently, adding a little extra weight is not unusual. However, it is important to stay focussed and fit especially during these times or rather even shed those extra pounds as an active lifestyle and regular exercise improves your immune system too. With that in mind, Puneet Kaur, a Diet, Nutrition, and Health Life Coach, address some common misconceptions. She says before following a diet routine, you need to understand the difference and importance of lifestyle and diet. “Diet is something that one follows for a short-term goal, whereas a Lifestyle is like developing healthy habits which are sustainable and you can carry those healthy habits throughout your life,” she explained. Relapsing is one of the most common issues that we come across after following our diet routine. It is mainly because we did not modify our lifestyle and simply just gave importance to dieting. As a diet and Health coach, Puneet Kaur gives out customized and effective diet routines that include lifestyle changes as well, according to our needs.

People may believe that snacking is a cardinal sin of dieting. In some cases, though, snacking can help people manage their calorie intake more effectively. It is not so much snacking itself, but what one snack upon that counts. The CEO and Founder of Its Healthy Moms, an online Diet, Nutrition Consultancy, and Health Coaching platform recommends a complete no to binge eating. “Snacking may be more complex than it first appears,” she added. “While some snack on celery and others on cookies, some people might snack because they are hungry and others because they are bored.”

Puneet Kaur also mentioned the importance of Ghee. She exclaimed “If you are fighting with weight loss, then you might have cut all the fats from your diet. The foremost would have been to eat ghee, especially we, the Indians. But, are you aware that ghee helps in weight loss. Yes, ghee helps to prevent weight gain and it aids in weight loss. If you wish to shed pounds, replacing rancid, highly processed vegetable oils with homemade ghee, maybe a way to start. Well, I have experienced it myself. With a newborn, every mother knows you cannot exercise and at the same time want your pre-pregnancy shape back. Including ghee again into my diet slowly and gradually helped me to regain my pre-pregnancy weight.”

Talking about a physical fitness diet, we cannot miss out on exercise.  Cardio is an excellent way to burn fat and lose weight. Engaging in regular physical activity is crucial. According to Puneet Kaur, diet and lifestyle modification contributes 80%, whereas exercise contributes 20% when it comes to a weight-loss journey. Weight loss is typically a slow process and requires patience and perseverance. The Health Coach also recommends keeping “realistic goals” as their journey from fit to fat didn’t happen overnight so naturally, their journey from fat to fit will take time.

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