James Samuels aka DreadRock Rising Rapper from Chicago

James Samuels aka DreadRock Rising Rapper from Chicago

In 2012, musical consumption was more rigid and less volatile than it is now. Those were the days where you had your YouTube Channel for online streaming and have mastered the intricate art of saving songs offline. And now almost a decade later with multiple online music streaming platforms, it has become quite easy for artists to showcase their talent but quite difficult to stand out and shine. Talking about one such artist is James Samuels aka DreadRock.

DreadRock’s journey to independence is one that is a cautionary tale as much as it is an inspiring one to aspiring artists everywhere. Coming from Illinois Westside, Chicago, DreadRock gave new music to us this summer. The star rapper James Samuels aka DreadRock is on an upbeat vibe that takes listeners on an adventure. As a nice follow to his 2020’s hit “You Can Be Whatever”, his latest track which is just a month old track “Lex Story” brings fun along with crazy beats. The rapper has not only tried his hands at rapping but also has been an excellent producer.

The rapper has fans buzzing once again after his latest project. He started his rapping career at a very young age. “In the ninth grade, I started rapping with a group called Wolf Pack,’ DreadRock claimed. Not only this, at the beginning of his rapping career with the ‘Wolf Pack’ he started playing songs like Rack City and Cooking by Lil B. Since then his career in the rapping industry has been an uphill battle that started when he was just in the ninth standard. His plans for 2021 are to focus on the unreleased music that was delayed or kept in his music vault for the time.

Take a listen to your new favorite song “Lex Story” on DreadRock’s YouTube Channel. Nothing but good music comes from James Samuels aka DreadRock, being a man of many talents.

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