A tremor of a magnitude of 4.1 rocks central South Korea

A tremor of a magnitude of 4.1 rocks central South Korea

Earthquake in South Korea: Of the 38 earthquakes that have occurred in the nation this year, the weather agency in that nation claimed that Saturday’s little quake in the town of Goesan was still the biggest.

A tiny agricultural county in the country’s centre region was shaken by an earthquake of 4.1 magnitude, although no initial reports of damage have been made, according to South Korean officials.

The tiny earthquake that struck the town of Goesan on Saturday, according to South Korea’s weather agency, was nonetheless the strongest of the 38 tremors that have been recorded there this year and was capable of toppling buildings or shattering windows.

Emergency personnel from the centre North Chungcheong province and its environs received more than 50 calls from locals reporting feeling the ground shake, according to Lee Jae-yeong, an official from the Safety Ministry’s disaster headquarters.

According to Lee, there have been no reports of concrete damage to date.

Although there were no immediate reports of issues, the office of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol said he gave officials the order to assess the security of the country’s telecommunications and energy networks.

Rakhi Kale

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