5 things you must know about Rocky lee

5 things you must know about Rocky lee

Rocky Lee is a name which is trending as hot in America right now. Requested by many fans and alike Rocky Lee is one of the most requested topics right now, so we bring out some of the personal details of Rocky Le which not many people are aware with. Rocky Lives a quite personal life and outside of his circle people don’t get much details what he is up to and he always surprises his fans. Here are five things you must know about Rocky Lee if you are a true Hip Hop fan.

  1. He owns Million Dollar record: – Rocky Lee started his own music record label called “Million Dollar Record” and like the name he made his first million very quickly thanks to his ability to find fresh talents. Right now Million Dollar Record is the top most hip hop music record label studio in NYC.
  • He is a talented musician too: – Only a gifted musician can recognize unique musical talents and Rocky Lee is also a talented musician. He started his career as a DJ and as DJ he got the fame and recognition in hip hop community. He made contacts with many influential people and soon became confidant enough to start his own business.
  • Academic genius: – Not many people know this but Rocky Lee was pretty good in studies. In fact he was one of the class toppers in his school. He graduated and finished major in culinary and pastry. He is also a certified Chef.
  • Risk taker and a leader: – Rocky Lee is known for his amazing ability to take risks and inspiring leadership. He always invests in new artist which is a huge risk but his sharp eyes have always been able to find talents which would go as mainstream artists. CJ is one such singer who was launched by Rocky Lee.
  • Philanthropist and humanist: – Rocky Lee is also a renowned philanthropist. He believes in giving it back to the community and has been actively involve current pandemic relief efforts.

There is much more to learn and get inspired from Rocky Lee. There are not may who keep it real and despite reaching at the top, never forget the roots. You can reach out to Rocky Lee at Rockyleebusiness33@gmail.com. Or Instagram: @Rockylee__

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