Ike Mann exclusive – 120 seconds with Ike Mann

Ike Mann exclusive – 120 seconds with Ike Mann

In light of the global pandemic, daily life is near enough at a standstill. We spoke to Talent Manager Ike Mann for 120 seconds about these challenging times.

“People should start reaching out to the loved ones and also take note of the people that are trying their best to check up on you. You will have an idea of who checks on you because they are bored, versus those who do it because they genuinely care.”

He also emphasizes the fact that stress is not the factor that can bring people down, it’s their reaction to the situation. Ike is a firm believer that the first goal should be to achieve mental peace within yourself.

If you want to more about IkeMann, he can be found on Instagram @ikemann123

Jason Laing

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