Zaman Sheikh is the new face of music

Zaman Sheikh is the new face of music

Although our country has tried to move ahead with the rest of the world in terms of technology, but some villages are lagging behind.  , yet it is still dark in the villages.  Due to this, the villages are far behind the cities in terms of education, business, trade and development.  The education system is facing extreme danger in this corona pandemic.  With schools and colleges closed, the government has introduced online classroom-based education to revive this crippling education system.

Although distance education benefits the students of cities, it does not benefit the students of villages.  Weak network, lag behind in use of technology rural students are in dire straits.  Due to poor network, many students have to sit on top of a tree and take classes.He has gone through various adversities since childhood.

Amidst so many adversities, he cherished a thousand dreams.  He had a great interest in technology and tried to get a touch of technology all the time, leaving adversity behind.

While in class VII, he became popular among his friends by using free internet through MMS proxy in GP 2G.  At the same time all the people of the village got to know.  These works inspired him.  He started thinking in a new way.  He decided to do something for the society during his adulthood.  He started thinking of making people in his area technology savvy.  He began to spread the knowledge of technology which he obtained through many hardships.

He always taught the villagers how to make life easier by using the internet, from browsing the internet on the phone.

In 2016 he created a YouTube channel named Zaman Sheikh.  And started making simple videos related to technology in simple words for the people of the villages.  In 2020 he gained 50k subscribers of the channel.  Since then he became quite popular in his area and was recognized on social media as Zaman Sheikh, He likes to introduce himself as Zaman Sheikh in his surroundings.

But in January 2021, his channel was deleted due to background music copyright.  Then he broke down a bit mentally, Now he has become mentally stronger and is trying to continue his work again.  He again wants to spread the touch of technology among the people.

He is currently organizing a program called “Internet Awareness” for all at village level with some friends.  Every afternoon he and his friends teach the villagers various techniques for using the Internet.

Zaman Shaikh (Shamsuzzaman) completed his primary and secondary school life at Kandaniya Bazar Primary School and Kandaniya High School in Kandaniya (Birthplace) village of Phulbaria Upazila.  He completed his high school education from Cantonment Public School and College, Momanshahi.  He is currently pursuing CSE at Daffodil International University.  He is also working on “Cyber ​​Security and Ethical Hacking”.

Apart from reading and writing, he had a great interest in music from a young age.  Sometimes he would spend time on music.  He is an independent music producer.  He has been recognized as a verified artist on international music platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.  He has released two albums named “Moyna” and “Paguni”.  Single: “Osomapto Volobasha” is released by him.

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