YouTube TV is presently “YT TV” on Android homescreens as symbol changed on Google TV

YouTube TV is presently “YT TV” on Android homescreens as symbol changed on Google TV

A minor update to YouTube TV for Android today observes Google change the application name to “YT TV.” Additionally, the Android/Google TV application symbol has likewise been marginally changed.

Version 4.40 for Android (telephones and tablets) sees the application name change from “YouTube TV” to “YT TV.” This change is thought about homescreens and application launchers, however not on the application information page or Play Store posting.

The abbreviation matches “YT Music,” and sees “YT TV” move to one side of the audio streaming application. For the vast majority, YouTube TV is currently the last thing in their sequentially orchestrated application cabinet, however this may represent a few difficulties when looking relying upon your gadget’s launcher.

In light of your set text dimension, “YouTube TV” may have been shortened to “YouTube … ” previously.

The present change implies this is not true anymore for most — if not all — clients. This new form is as yet turning out through the Play Store.

In the interim, on the Android TV/Google TV front, another update sees the YouTube TV application card change. It was beforehand the red YouTube play button followed by “TV” against a white background. This is additionally how in-application branding shows up.

It’s presently the symbol and “YouTube TV” behind a black card, with both extending edge-to-edge. The background change recognizes it from YouTube and the YouTube Music shortcut.

One advantage is that it stands separated in the application merry go round, however Chromecast with Google TV clients consistently approach it in the new “Live” tab.

There’s presently likewise a red color/shine when chosen. This change ought to be broadly turned out today.

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