Daniel Di Angelo: A Rising American Musical Artist

Daniel Di Angelo: A Rising American Musical Artist

Daniel Kohen is known by his stage name Daniel Di Angelo who is a songwriter, composer, American singer, producer, sound engineer, and artist. Daniel Kohen was born in Israel and moved to the U.S. in 2005. Since he was 9 years old, he has been writing and singing. When he was 12 he took production and sound engineering and started recording music. He realized that asking producers to work with a 12-year-old was difficult. Playing many instruments including Guitar, Trumpet, and Piano since a young age has helped him excel in production at a rapid level. He started crafting music at the age of 12 & released multiple albums on major music platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. At the age of 23, Daniel is creating warm R&B/Pop original songs & covers for the world to enjoy.

Taken by With Music: Releasing New Material

In 2018, he released a song that is “Addicted” and he wrote this song whereas being a very dark state of mind & interesting a complete month of horrific recreation. this song speaks such a lot to him, and he is determined to form a brief visual. Recently he has revealed a new song, “Temptations” where he has described it as a sexual energy song. Di Angelo says about this song that He wrote this song after a year-long relationship. During the beginning of the relationship, He was having a lot of trouble with his monogamous mindset. He was hanging around various groups of people who attempted to influence his lifestyle to be more open and imprudent. He loved his girl very much and did not want to hurt her. He never cheated, but his lies were constant. Very often it was really difficult to turn down the women that are very close to us, both in person and through social media or text messages. He has remembered having moments where he had to hide texts that he was receiving, even if he didn’t text back. It was just too coarse. He tried to constantly remind himself that he had a good girl by his side, and even though she was far away at times, he tried to stay very connected to her.

A True & Creative Vocalist

Daniel has succeeded in creating a reputation for himself on Instagram and his music has been shared over time by several influencers. He has conjointly worked with and has written several songs for several different artists. If one thing’s bound, Daniel Di Angelo is an icon in the making. It’s laborious to not get passionate about his abstract songs that infuse potent lyrics, infecting melodies, and dreamy vocals.

Stream ‘Temptations’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=951WSYZwVsg

Follow Daniel Di Angelo on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kissherdesire/

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