You Have the Power to Shape Your Child’s Mind

You Have the Power to Shape Your Child’s Mind

A child’s mind is nothing less than a maze. It is full of curiosity and questions that are yet to be answered. Think of it as a dough that can be molded in any shape. This is where your responsibility as a parent comes into play. You need to ensure that the things that your child consumes come from a positive source.

Today, we live in a world where children are surrounded by video games and smartphones. All they consume is unfiltered material that pollutes their minds and blurs their understanding of the world. It is now that you need to reshape your child’s mind and introduce them to a new world. A world where simplicity is superior to artificial chaos.

This blog will help you understand how you, as a parent, can positively shape your child’s mind.

1.    Relying on the Power of Imagination

A child’s imagination is a rainbow full of vibrant colors depicting endless possibilities. But in a world where materialism has taken over, the power of imagination has lost its light. There’s something that you can do. It’s time for parents to allow children to express themselves and rely on their imagination. Now is the time to materialize all the positive energy that your child holds and invest it where it matters. You need to make them think beyond the bubble of material things. You, as their guardian, have the power to protect them against overstimulation, helping them create their own path.

2.    The Importance of Communication

Communication is one of the most powerful elements required to build a bond. Smartphone usage has taken the essence out of good communication. The only friend children have nowadays is their phone. This means they have no real connection to the people or the outside world. This needs to change. Parents need to educate their kids about the importance of communication. It will not only help them become better humans but will allow them to connect with their surroundings.

3.    Finding Happiness in Little Things

What comes to your mind when you think of the word happiness? Vacation, money, and more money? Well, for children, happiness has a completely different meaning. Today, a child might get happy with a brand-new PlayStation or a smartphone. Back then, kids used to get excited about pretty much anything: jumping in puddles, reading a book, or playing with a ball.

Things have changed. But all hope isn’t lost. It’s your responsibility to bring back those moments for your children. You must make them understand the importance of escaping the bubble and being happy about little things. This can change your child’s perspective toward life and help them make better choices.

Happiness can be found in anything; in cartoons, favorite ice creams, and doing things you like. It can also be found in a book. Ryan Schiff explores the possibility of finding such happiness in his new children’s book, All I Need is My Ball. This book personifies relying on little things for happiness. The idea of this book came to Ryan through his older son. Throughout childhood, he only relied on his imagination and his ball to be happy– it was that simple for him.

Want your children to learn the importance of the little things in life? All I Need is My Ball is the perfect book.

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Derek Robins

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