Xi’an International University-The Most Popular Chinese University Among International Students

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Established in 1992, Xi’an International University (XAIU) offers four-year bachelor programs approved by the Ministry of Education, China. The university aims to train qualified students to work for industries, enterprises, government offices, and institutions in Shaanxi province and beyond. It is an international university that provides practical and comprehensive courses to both home and international students. The university is committed to achieving and maintaining high standard education, and a world-class private higher institution.

Located at Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone – A National High-Tech Zone, the University has an area of more than 1.61 million square meters with more than 800,000 square meters of building area. Xi’an International University offers 44 four-year degree programs in literature, arts, education, management, economics, engineering, medics, and agriculture and ten programs are credited as top programs by Shaanxi Provincial Education Department. 

Xi’an International University has set up international academic exchange programs and relations with more than 200 partner universities from 25 countries and regions. Via China-foreign International Classes, students are able to use pathways to postgraduate studies including Master’s and Doctor’s degrees at partner’s universities around the world.

Taking virtue and moral education as the fundamental principle, the University is dedicated to constructing a comprehensive talent development system that advances the key competencies and individualized education, and develops students’ full potential by constantly improving the overall education quality, creating coordinated education mechanisms that incorporate industries, businesses and government agencies into education for the purpose of providing more opportunities for students to gain hands-on experiences and practices. The ultimate goals of the University are to cultivate talents who are physically strong, mentally healthy, and caring about their family and country and having global visions, to equip students with practical skills, innovative intelligence, strong will and dedication and to fosters students’ all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding with a hard-working spirit. 

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