With growing market Xtra Ecig LLC plans expansion to MENA region

With growing market Xtra Ecig LLC plans expansion to  MENA region

Phoenix, AZ – Xtra Ecig LLC, a USA based company which owns the Xtra Disposable brand of vaporizing devices, has announced the appointment of Vape Mastering LLC – a distribution company based in the United Arab Emirates, to undertake the exclusive rights of marketing and distributing its disposable vaporizing devices across the MENA region.

Mohanad banbouk , Head of sales for Vape Mastering commented: “ This region remains one of the most vibrant markets in the vaping industry. Xtra products are perfectly suited for these markets where customers are actively seeking quality products as a safer alternative to tobacco.”

“ Vape Mastering is a pioneer in distributing quality brands and we are extremely pleased to include Xtra in our portfolio. Additionally, Xtra has launched its Mini devices exclusively in the Middle East ahead of a wider global availability.” He added.

The agreement will see Vape Mastering become the exclusive distributor across the Gulf, Levant, Pakistan & Afghanistan and North Africa for all Xtra Ecig products. Further, Vape Mastering will be responsible to appoint local country distributors as required and undertake all marketing activities as per local country regulations.

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