Gaining prominence in addiction and mental health treatments is leading neurologist, Dr Russell Surasky

Gaining prominence in addiction and mental health treatments is leading neurologist, Dr Russell Surasky

Dr Russell Surasky is board-certified in neurology and addiction medicine and his pioneering treatments have transformed the lives of patients.

The world has suffered many epidemics and now even a pandemic; however, one epidemic that has gone ahead in even taking many lives is the opiate addiction issue that has gripped many parts of the world. The US has been going through this grave problem with an increasing list of patients with addictions. It was high time for new and research-backed treatments that could transform the lives of these patients for the better. Becoming a pioneering expert and medical doctor in the same, Dr Russell Surasky came forward with his safe and non-addictive treatments, which today has earned him great respect and recognition in the medical industry.

It is said that each day 125 families suffer the loss of a loved one to the fight against addictions. More than people getting addicted to illegal drugs, there has been an increasing case of people getting addicted to the prescribed medications from their doctor. Dr Russell Surasky can’t emphasize enough on the dangerous effects and impacts of opioids and the kind of work it does in the body and the brain. He thought to create and develop treatments that could help reverse the power of the neurological damages caused by the harmful opiate and lead patients towards permanent recovery.

Speaking about the merits of Dr Russell Surasky, he is a name that is gradually becoming synonymous to success in the vast medical industry of the US. Dr Russell Surasky is board-certified in neurology, addiction medicine and preventative medicine. He is the medical director at Bridge Back to Life, a multi-center outpatient addiction treatment program to better the lives of patients addicted to opiates like fentanyl. Dr Russell Surasky is also the Founder of Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction & Mental Health in Great Neck, NY.

His excellence lies in his treatment program based on a drug named Vivitrol, which needs to be injected once in a month to take away the opiate in the body and eliminate the addiction. He also developed spinal treatments, which is proven to be a highly effective treatment, directly impacting the limbic system of the brain. Dr Russell Surasky is known for developing individualized and highly effective treatment plans for each of his patients for their conditions, which has further gained him the trust of patients and respect in the industry.

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