Jennifer Brooks: Determined to reach the top of the digital media world as a talented ‘digital’preneur

Jennifer Brooks: Determined to reach the top of the digital media world as a talented ‘digital’preneur

She is a mom, wife and an entrepreneur who has gone all out to make her clients successful with her firm International Loops.

Year after year, we come to know about at least one such success story that captivates people for its realism and honesty. All these stories are also driven through perseverance. Without perseverance, people may not reach the pinnacle of success they wish to reach in life, is what many professionals believe. Jennifer Brooks has been one amongst those persistent individuals who went ahead and became a success story and marched ahead in the digital industry with her innovative social media marketing company in the form of International Loops. It is no walk in the park for a mother to build and manage a thriving business, but Jennifer Brooks has done it all and how.

Her story serves as one of the classic most case studies, making others learn what true passion and dedication can do to people and their careers. Listening to what her heart sought and believing in her dreams, Jennifer Brooks took risks and gradually moved up to the top, turning her brand into a globally recognized social media marketing company from the US.

International Loops is a master in taking brands and people to the next level and in just five years, already has a growing list of clientele. It has to its credit, different campaigns with huge names of the media and entertainment world. They have successfully driven traffic to brands and businesses through their one of a kind social media and advertising campaigns and strategies, becoming a leader in influencer marketing.

It is hard to believe the multiple-figure owner of International Loops has once been a college dropout and before starting her multi-million dollar business, she was a stay at home mom, who sold on eBay and before that worked as a waitress. “Getting into the entrepreneurial world challenges you, but I saw myself getting up, up to the top of the game and so I went all in,” says the ace ‘mom’preneur who wanted success on her platter and so she attained it.

To find out more, follow it on Instagram @internationallloops.

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