Why Canada’s Youngest Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz is a Lot Like Ali Baba’s Joe Tsai

Why Canada’s Youngest Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz is a Lot Like Ali Baba’s Joe Tsai

The young Millionaire e-commerce entrepreneur from Canada exudes the same passion that Mr Tsai illuminates through his leadership in the e-commerce world

Different individuals take inspiration from the already established names in their industry and why not because they are the ones who somewhere help in igniting the fire in them to do something bigger and better in their career. When we speak about Joe Tsai, the entrepreneurial world is very well aware of this high-performing and passionate entrepreneur, who is a billionaire businessman and philanthropist and the Ali Baba group co-founder and Executive Vice-Chairman. Taking inspiration from a man like him is a youngster of 19 years from Canada named Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz, who turned his life completely his way by becoming a passionate and enthusiastic sneaker reseller and entrepreneur in the vast e-commerce space.

What’s amazing about the two entrepreneurs is that Mr Tsai is already a billionaire and Idrees kickz has carved his career becoming a millionaire with his growing brand “Woiair”. People would wonder why are we comparing the two different generations of entrepreneurs, but let us tell you that Idrees kickz shares some incredible entrepreneurial qualities with that of Mr Tsai.

• The quality of never giving up: Mr Tsai has been known as a leader in the e-commerce space who has always believed in giving in his best no matter what the challenges. Idrees kickz has shown the same quality right since his childhood, where he knew the odds, but with the aim to achieve all his business goals, kept moving ahead giving a tough fight to all the challenges in the path.

• The quality of being grounded: Many entrepreneurs, after reaching a certain status in their careers, forget from where did they all begin in life. Mr Tsai has been that mastermind entrepreneur who always believed in being a humble person, which has many people respect him even more. Idrees kickz has become a millionaire at only 19 and yet strives to learn something new each passing day just like Mr Tsai across the e-commerce space, which truly exudes the humbleness of these entrepreneurs.

• The quality to work with optimism: Mr Tsai across the e-commerce world is known to people as an optimist leader as he always believed that optimism could help individuals move mountains. Similar is the case with Idrees kickz who broke the glass ceiling and proved the world that age is just a number and even a teenager like him can become a millionaire and make all his dreams a reality.

Idrees kickz through sneaker reselling emerged as a powerful and the youngest e-commerce entrepreneur of Canada who grew his brand ‘Woiair’ to much greater heights in the business, becoming a multi-figure income earner in a short period of time.

To get some inspiration from this youngest entrepreneur from Canada, follow him on his social media – Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/YouTube/Twitter @idreeskickz.

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