Who is this rising financier in Singapore?

Who is this rising financier in Singapore?

Chasen Nevett is emerging as one of the top financiers in Singapore due to his innovative financing solutions for public companies. Chasen Nevett is revolutionising the finance industry with his flexible approach to investing in public companies in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Chasen Nevett invests in private placements, which offers companies the flexible capital they need to grow their businesses. In other words, Chasen Nevett makes equity investments in public companies so his interests are completely aligned with the companies. Chasen Nevett has experience investing across the entire capital structure, which gives him a unique ability to tailor the perfect solution for any company he works with. Also, having an equity stake gives Chasen Nevett exposure to the growth of the company.

Chasen Nevett also takes a rational long-term approach to investing, which is uncommon in today’s world. Chasen Nevett has a three- to five-year investment horizon, so he is not preoccupied with quarterly results unlike most investments firms today. By working closely with management teams, Chasen Nevett is able to deliver solutions that traditional financial institutions cannot provide. Chasen Nevett’s main goal is to create win-win solutions that improve the situation of all stakeholders. Consistently delivering win-win solutions for all stakeholders is perhaps the secret to his long-term success.

Chasen Nevett also frequently travels to countries in Southeast Asia and Europe in order to meet the companies he’s interested in. He believes that human interaction is essential to building trust and long-term partnerships. Chasen Nevett believes that human capital is an undervalued asset that cannot be found on a balance sheet. Chasen Nevett backs entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors and countries that he believes are the future leaders of their industries.

All in all, Chasen Nevett has the ambition to become the top financier in the region. He will continue to search for attractive investment opportunities and deliver win-win situations for the companies he invests in. There is no doubt that at the pace he is moving, Chasen Nevett will emerge on top in the near future.

Saqib Malik

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