How to watch all wrestling podcasts?

How to watch all wrestling podcasts?

Do you love wrestling? Want to look for some podcasts that can make this hardest situation of pandemic even a bit relaxing? Then, you are at the right place on the internet as you will get and dive deeper into all episodes of the wrestling podcasts by Bobby Wrassles and Mi Amor. Here, we have a website for a wrestling podcast that is based out of Suburban Philadelphia. The podcast was created during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in May of 2020. Currently, the website has over 30 episodes published.

About the website

In simple words, it is an online platform with a URL address flooded with all wrestling as well as pro wrestling entertainment that usually comes upon this podium by Sunday’s Nights.

What is the “All about Wrestling” Podcast?

When it comes to the “All About Wrestling Podcast”, it is an episodic podcast in audio format that highlights present events and topics related to the world of professional wrestling.  It is hosted by two personalities named Bobby Wrassles & MI Amor. The voices of both hosts mesh so well together, and the music blends great with the intro. The episodes provide the feel of being like taken back to the old days of wrestling events. It is recommended to the fans of wrestling who are going through lockdowns and can enjoy staying safe at home.

Upcoming shows

Modern Pro-wrestling events have taken the world by storm to the next level of showmanship with all exciting moves, plots, arcs, stories, and in a new age of AEW, NXT, and an outstanding rate of work. There are some upcoming shows available on the website every month that we have enlisted below:

  1. The Greatest WrestleMania in April.
  2. The Greatest Wrestler of all time in May.
  3. 1 Year Anniversary Special in June.
  4. Wrestlers to actors in July.
  5. Career Ending Injuries in August.
  6. Most devastating Finishers in September.
  7. Women of Wrestling in October.
  8. Mysterious Deaths of Wrestling in November.
  9. Conspiracies of Wrestling II in December.

Wrapping Up

In the end, if you want to learn all things about pro wrestling and wrestling events, then you will probably find some interesting episodes of wrestling from time to time. It is a must-listen for all people who want to listen to & enjoy wrestling episodes at home.

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