Whatsapp will at last offer back your privacy with a new feature

Whatsapp will at last offer back your privacy with a new feature

WhatsApp is developing a feature hotly anticipated by clients. The platform is testing another setting feature permitting the client to stow away the “online” status when the messenger is open. As indicated by the WABetaInfo site, it will be feasible to figure out who will see that you are utilizing the application. The setting can have similar choices for modalities, for example, “Last seen” and “Profile Photo”. A few clients will truly find this component valuable, as it fundamentally implies that WhatsApp is offering back your privacy. Thus, individuals won’t know you’re online and will not bug you.

WhatsApp ought to allow the client to pick whether “Everyone” or “Same as last seen” will see that he is online at a given time.


Practically speaking, an individual will actually want to register that only their contacts will see the “Last seen”. Similarly, utilize a similar option for the online status. The site reviews that in 2021 WhatsApp had proactively begun to automatically hide the “last seen”. Be that as it may, the feature came to prevent third-party apps from observing the circumstance of clients.

The oddity, which is still being developed and has no official release date, will give more privacy. Furthermore, the chance of hiding the online status will keep away from charges for fast reactions and, surprisingly, certain individuals irritating you, since, you have the application open.

WhatsApp took a long time to implement user-requested features, be that as it may, lately, the organization has been working on its speed. The organization as of late carried out an update that permits the client to hide the avatar and last seen from specific individuals. In addition, it reported large updates for groups and we likewise need to make reference to the multi-gadget support that was vigorously mentioned in the beyond couple of years.

Raeesa Sayyad

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