What Mediums Nisha Kapoor Uses To Express Her Creativity As An Artist

What Mediums Nisha Kapoor Uses To Express Her Creativity As An Artist

Different artists have different ways to express themselves. Some use music and lyricism, while others work well with visual arts–just like Indian artist Nisha Kapoor. 

Ever since she was a child, Nisha has always been at the helm of creativity. She was an ace dancer, writer, and creative marketer among other things. But what really earned her international recognition is her work as a painter. 

Nisha creates vivid artwork that’s inspired by the scenes and images that she sees in her metaphysical experiences which have been happening to her for more than a decade. It has only been around two years when Nisha started painting her dreams. 

Through her otherworldly experiences, Nisha found a conduit to fast-track her creativity into expressing them publicly.

Medium Agnostic 

Before Nisha began painting her metaphysical-inspired works, her early style was more doodle-type than the abstract, mystic style that she’s currently known for. Guided by her intuition, she kept on painting and reached a point where she could actually paint what she saw in her dreams. 

“I have painted with oils and absolutely love it. I will keep experimenting with whatever medium appeals to me as I paint to express,” Nisha said. 

This is because Nisha considers herself as medium agnostic and doesn’t constrain herself from trying other ways to fully express her creativity. 

“Art can change the world by visually representing ideas and schools of thought. The visual appeal of art is powerful and cannot be denied. However, the best way in which it can change the world is by letting people express themselves, help them break free, or immerse themselves in a world of imagination,” Nisha said. 

In the coming few months, she will be exhibiting her paintings in the prestigious Brussels Art Fair, where she is being represented by the VAN GOGH Art Gallery, in Madrid Spain. She will also be showcasing her work at an art fair in Italy. 

Taking Her Creativity On Screen 

Painting isn’t the only medium where Nisha expresses her creativity as an artist. As a result of my spiritual epiphanies, she also started making short films. 

“I made around nine minute-short films and one seven-minute-long short film. All of them have been awarded at international film fests, including eight IMDb approved film fest,” she said. 

The latest short film that Nisha created is called “Love Thy Neighbour” and has won at seven IMDb film fest with just its trailer. The film will be released soon. The trailer has earned accolades from Entertainment Monthly, New York Weekly, and other media agencies. 
Learn more about Nisha Kapoor through her Instagram account (@errtistic).

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