What inspired DJ J Star to academically and professionally pursue Dj’ing

What inspired DJ J Star to academically and professionally pursue Dj’ing

Growing up in Uptown Manhattan and The Bronx areas, DJ J Star was always into the diverse and vibrant musical culture of his surroundings. His family, which was originally from the Dominican Republic but then moved to New York City, was also quite fond of different styles of music. DJ J Star did not start his DJ’ing career based on sheer struggle but did things quite strategically. He did his graduation from the audio engineering school and then kept himself busy with multiple internships in relevant companies.

“My family has always supported me in everything. It’s where I got the inspiration to follow my dreams and become a DJ. One thing that they wanted me to do was to get a college degree and go at my dreams professionally,’ says DJ J Star. After completing his graduation from the audio engineering school, DJ J Star did internships at radio stations like 103.5 KTU and Hot 97. He did not simply complete college and consider it as a requirement being fulfilled, but also entered his field with an intuition towards learning in order to learn what he has learned today.

Working on building up his basics went a long way for DJ J Star. He got hired by iHeart Radio Power 105.1 as an on-air mixer back in the year 2015. J Star always had a unique way of mixing different music genres such as Merengue, Rock, Salsa, House, Hip Hop, and many others. This particular skill also made him well known in the DJ community and his surrounding areas at an early age even before he professionally entered the field.

Getting to work on iHeart Radio Power was not the highlight of his event as that was yet to come. In 2018, he was signed on rapper and singer Pitbull’s radio station Sirius XM channel 13. That was the beginning of his international career as his weekly show is now famous and heard all over the world. “Working on Sirius XM has been a very aspirational event for me. It showed me that I am able to do more than I think I can. This opportunity has broadened my horizon and shown many new paths for my career,” shares DJ J Star.

He has not just limited himself to being a radio show DJ but shows his immense talent on live events as well. DJ J Star got to be the DJ for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden at multiple events. This professionalism and star-studded portfolio have helped the DJ land multiple deals with international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Jack Daniels, Coors Light, HBO, and many more.

DJ J Star is a very strategic person and has many more future prospects planned out for his career. You can follow him on Instagram at @djjstar and listen to his mixes on Mixcloud or tune into Sirius XM Ch 13 every Saturday at 12p EST.

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