Watch as a Turkish singer chops her hair in support of the anti-hijab protest in Iran

Watch as a Turkish singer chops her hair in support of the anti-hijab protest in Iran

Iran was shocked by Ms. Amini’s passing, and many women protested by cutting off their hair and burning their hijabs.

Melek Mosso, a Turkish musician, chopped off her hair live on stage in support of Iranian ladies protesting Mahsa Amini’s cruel murder. The morality police in Iran detained Amini, 22, for wearing her hijab incorrectly and not completely concealing her hair. In detention, she fell into a coma and later passed away.

Her passing has led to widespread demonstrations in Iran, where many women have cut their hair in public and burned hijabs.

Mosso cuts her hair on stage as the audience applauds her in a video she posted to Twitter.

Amini was detained by the morality police while travelling to Tehran with her family to see relatives. She was forced into a coma as a result of multiple, forceful hits to the head, according to the medical findings. Iran’s officials, however, said that she “suffered a sudden heart attack,” according to a Euronews story. According to Amini’s Iraqi cousin, she was killed by a “severe strike to the head.”

Numerous women have protested in the streets since her death, cutting off their hair, burning their headscarves in rallies, and screaming “zan, zendegi, azadi” or “woman, life, freedom.” Even though Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi promised “decisive measures” against the protestors, the demonstrations have gone on for more than ten days straight.

In the commotion, at least 41 people have died. Hadis Najafi, a young protester, is said to have been killed by gunfire lately in Iran. The woman can be seen brazenly joining an ongoing demonstration while tying her uncut hair back in a video that has gone viral. According to reports, Najafi was shot in the hand, neck, abdomen, and heart.

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