Visugu Share How To Gain Exposure For Your Channel And Make Money

Visugu Share How To Gain Exposure For Your Channel And Make Money

YouTube is a video streaming platform through which you can connect with thousands or millions of people who share the same love for food. As such, you have an expansive opportunity for engagements and exposure needed to drive your channel’s growth, outreach, and success. Below are a few tips on who to leverage YouTube to gain exposure for your food channel

1) Encourage Viewers To Like And Subscribe

The subscribe and like buttons serve as reminders for your viewers about a new post. Conversely, you can use them as a call to action. YouTube has set its algorithm to prioritize videos with many views and likes. As such, the more engagement you garner, the more likely your video could feature on the trending page or other people’s “recommended” feeds. Clever video editing will ensure that your YouTube channel gets the best engagement possible.

2) Engage With Your Subscribers

Take the time to read your viewers’ comments and respond to them. It is a strategy that makes your viewers like and subscribe. It also makes them feel connected with you. Moreover, it can be a means of gaining useful information about your audience’s likes and interests. In short, it is one of the most effective means of getting invaluable feedback.

3) Collab With Other YouTube Creators

Connect with other YouTubers and collaborate on different projects. You can help create new and interesting content on each other’s channels, which the viewers can have a taste of what your audience enjoys on your channels. Such interaction brings on board a new group of visiting users while also presenting an opportunity to learn new things from other YouTubers.

How To Make Money On YouTube

Once your subscriber base grows substantially and your channel is tending, you have the best chance of racking in some cash. Making money via your YouTube channel is possible, and mostly through two primary ways – sponsored content and video ads.

1) YouTube Channel Sponsorships

You are likely to start getting sponsorship offers for product brands when you grow your channels and have thousands of subscribers, and your videos show up on the trending page. Brands will request you to use or talk about their product in your video and pay you. However, you must adhere to their terms to ensure you meet their demands in the content your will create. Nevertheless, the deal becomes sweeter if you have many viewers or an attractive channel. More brands will reach out to you with sponsorship deals.

2) Adverts On Your YouTube Videos

You should consider “monetizing” your content once you have gained enough subscribers and significant “watch hours.” For starters, let YouTube post advertisements on your videos. You will earn depending on your content, the advert format, ad pricing, and other factors that YouTube sets.

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