Vishal Sharma On Upsurge of Crypto NFTs in 2021

Vishal Sharma On Upsurge of Crypto NFTs in 2021

Delhi-based crypto artist, Vishal Sharma, believes crypto NFTs will have a huge influence on global markets in the upcoming years. Despite the ever-growing adversities of the pandemic, the growth of crypto markets, especially crypto NFTs has remained the least affected. With such great crypto perception in mind, he is all set to witness immense personal and professional growth in the field as well. 

“From globally acclaimed superstars launching their unique hand-animated collection to big brands, crypto NFTs are attracting the attention of many”, says Vishal. The growing popularity of crypto NFTs has had a huge and anticipated surge in the past few years. “NFTs have even been selling for millions per piece”, he further adds.

In simple terms, Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are those digital assets that become a part of a public blockchain. This public blockchain is mainly what is going to serve as an ownership record. While almost anyone can view any crypto NFT. However, only the crypto NFT buyer will be considered as the official owner of that crypto NFT. 

Although all kinds of digital items can be easily modified or even reproduced, the unique digital footprint of NFTs makes that crypto NFT one of a kind. From digital files like music to tweets, almost anything can be into an NFT. This conversion process in the crypto world refers to as minting.

“The unique ownership, as well as digital immortality delivered by crypto NFTs, gives their buyers a chance to unlock several exciting digital commerce and engagement opportunities”, adds Vishal Sharma. The integration of several e-commerce and NFT platforms has been creating some great headlines. “Longer-digital shelf life and digital nature of crypto NFTs are mainly responsible for such great upsurge for crypto NFTs in 2021” shares Vishal. 

Although Vishal had planned to learn art due to his interest in arts, crafts, and sports during the years 2015 and 2016. He mistakably ended up learning about digital art. He further went ahead to learn all about digital art various on-demand platforms. He picked up the essence of digital art sooner than ever. He even got the chance to polish his digital art basics from one of India’s elite Art Directors, Darshankumar Joshi.

Eventually, the young crypto entrepreneur and enthusiast learned about crypto NFTs while he was in the 2nd year of his civil engineering graduation. His introduction to the crypto world led to his fascination with the crypto world. So, he discovered the real potential of crypto NFTs in no time. He recently moved to Dubai in search of a world of crypto NFT & art opportunities. During these past 6 months, Dubai has introduced him to several crypto businesses and valuable art. 

Recently, Vishal got hired by one of the UK’s famous, Chatex Cryptocurrency firm. He got hired as a cryptocurrency advisor over there. He believes he has a lot yet to achieve in the field of crypto.

Vishal Sharma has been born and brought up in a nuclear family in Delhi NCR, Haryana. He is a pioneer Bachelors in Civil Engineering 2018 graduate from Manav Rachna International University. He started pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration degree from Narsee Monjee International University in 2019. He has completed his schooling at Rawal International School. His father is an experienced professional with a great experience of serving in the real estate and hospitality industry.

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