Victor GOSA – Art That Will Blow Your Mind!

Victor GOSA – Art That Will Blow Your Mind!

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Creativity is the ability to create items that inspire and enlighten others in aesthetically pleasing ways. The creative work of an artist relates to his imaginative skills. An artist imagines what he desires, envisions, and at last, creates unique and awesome artistic works that refresh the soul. The artist thoroughly enjoys what he does and finds it a welcome challenge.

Having creative skills, the artist focuses his awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and pouring out his feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations in his art to create a unique visual image. According to traditional artists, they believe that art is all about expressing oneself through art. Through their artistic skills, the painter or sculptor illustrates a visual definition of who they are and what they are feeling when they produce a great masterpiece.

Creativity produces sensations of volume, space, and movement. These elements are combined into graphic patterns to represent real art pieces or phenomena. Using traditional mediums such as painting or drawing is an inherent force inside an artist that rejuvenates their creative process and artistic abilities. The colors, textures, and sounds of creating pull us into the moment. An artist’s creativity and motivation imply that an artist has the freedom and a sense of curiosity to see the world as an artist and consciously perceive real-world objects. Using their minds in everyday life, the creative artist should search out visual cues and the truth that inspires them to create representational art in the form of paintings and sculptures.

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” – Claude Monet

The esthetic artist nourishes their artistic abilities and creates realistic paintings and drawings by staying mindful. The abstract art projects the real world, interpreting their emotional responses and feelings. As the connection of different ideas fuels creativity, it begins by gathering inspiration and ultimately culminates with the finished product that gives the greatest source of pleasure and ecstasy. Thus, bringing all the emotions and sentiments in the art and building a bond with emotions and creative experience leads to marvelous creation that depicts uniqueness and individuality of the artist and his artwork and aesthetically appeals to people.

“Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives . . . most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity . . . when we are involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.”– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The enticing and stylized artwork of a Miami native artist has captured the hearts of the admirers who enjoy looking at the transformation of color and texture and gaining meaning and insight into their lives. Victor Bernardez, also known as GOSA, with Spanish and Cuban roots, has explored unique and unconventional methods to capture the complicity of a person’s inner and external world.

His artwork is always inspired, heartfelt, and groundbreaking, as he uses emotions and ideas to create incredible and exclusive artworks for his fans. The idea of the feeling of color fascinated Gosa. Being magnetized by colors, his art developed the transformation. He learned about the adventurous evolution of colors within a painting. While releasing his emotional state through colors, his artwork beautifully signifies his self-expression of thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. GOSA reminds his admirers that there is a talent deserving of their attention and appreciation right now in a world where people are often recognized after they pass away.

As Victor Gosa said,

“Rather than be remembered and have my art appreciated in life after death, I count my days and number each painting with the number of days I’ve been alive since the start of the piece. I live in the now and want others to own a day in my life’s artwork. Each piece is a tribute to living in the moment — the number featured on a particular work is unique to the collectible.”

Childhood Inspiration

He adopted art at an early age. He began painting at the early age of ten. Gosa got inspiration from his father, who was a huge Marvel fan. His artistic father showed him comic books that stimulated his imagination to create an artistic piece. Consequently, he would try to mimic and draw the characters himself. During childhood, he began sketching, drawing, and painting his favorite childhood characters like Darth Vader, Mickey, Spiderman, etc. This developed his keen interest in art; within four years, his art and creativity became widely recognized in South Florida.

Real-life Inspiration

During the year 2017, during hurricane Irma he found true inspiration to paint again. During this time, a wild thought came to his mind that led him to develop curiosity in math. He fell in love with the idea of doing math by asking himself how old he was. During that moment, he decided to mark the days he had been alive on his art. His incitement to painting was further influenced by music and pop culture; GOSA’s vivid art ranges from edgy to whimsical, often juxtaposing cultural icons such as Darth Vader, Mike Tyson, and the Rolling Stones with vibrant hues and text that serve as a colorful expression of the artist’s mood on a particular day.

Victor GOSA has demonstrated his unique touch to modern art by mingling traditional techniques and contemporary style.

Traditional painting styles

Traditional painting styles emphasized realism. As a result, the paintings looked real, leading to the beautification of the final product. Being inspired by traditional artwork, GOSA began using canvas painting. He used various art mediums for his art. The best paints for canvas painting include oil paints, acrylic paints, tempera paint, and Latex paint. Moreover, using soft pastels, colored pencils’ artwork., and brushstroke techniques gives a unique visual image to his artwork. Gosa uses a variety of materials for sculptures. The pouring painting technique, carving, assembling, modeling, and casting exhibit that each element was properly managed and combined by Gosa to create something unique that makes people inspired. Thus, Gosa’s artwork is expressive, deep, and aesthetic. The realistic piece of art serves as a colorful expression of creativity and depicts Gosa’s abstract artist skills.

GOSA expounds,

“The beauty of art is that there is freedom, infinite freedom to create anything you want. When it comes to abstract art, there is so much going on that the average person can lose track of time and pattern, but the artist knows what is happening. Myriad of colors, lines, and shapes are not just thrown onto the canvas but are perfectly connected in the artist’s mind, invigorating skills and techniques to bring his imagination to reality.”

Derek Robins

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