Andrea Del Val, the living story of success in modeling

Andrea Del Val, the living story of success in modeling

Since the age of 3, Del Val has created a long career as a model by the early influence of being part of a family that has been involved in the fashion world.

Born in Venezuela, Andrea Del Val is a young model that achieved massive success with a career that started by the influence of her uncle, Felipe, who was one of the first photographers to portray her as a model, and her mother, Carol de la Torre; a fashion designer, who was her first consultant that later became in her role model.

Her different works in modeling, such as various catwalks and plays in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and some plays when she moved to Panama to work for Wilhelmina Models Agency (Panama Talents), led her to be cataloged as one of the most prominent models in recent times.

Because of this, Andrea reached great popularity, achieving more than 130K followers on Instagram and 80K followers on TikTok with her posts that attract the attention of major brands in Ibiza, Dubai, Madagascar, Maldives, and Los Angeles. Also, she is currently under the management of Jorge Mondragón in Mexico City and working along with magazines such as GMARO and SALYSÉ.

For her, this vast experience in the fashion industry, especially the several challenges that she faced since early ages, led her to create and mold her career to success with some principles. Del Val believes that a model has to follow many rules to become a promising character in this business.

According to Andrea, the most important consideration that a successful model must have is confidence and attitude. Based on this, she explains that a model must believe in herself, prepare well for every day, not expect others to treat her the way they treated them, and focus on their goals even if others tell them that they are not good enough.

Besides that, she assures that every model must accept that this career could be very stressful and could demand not only peak physical but also strong mental health. That’s why this Venezuelan model attaches great importance to taking care of mental well-being and self-esteem under all conditions.

Moreover, Del Val thinks that this could not be possible if a model does not see it as a priority to have the sense of self-actualization, which means reaching a version of herself that is independent and free, love for their profession, the highest of discipline, and the aspiration of great goals, just like her, who wants to create her fashion brand and help in the reconstruction of her native country, 

Good experiences are crucial for a model because Andrea explains that this is what makes her modeling sessions so rich and diverse. After all, this helps a model to be professional and special. The perfect examples for Del Val are the different roles that a model has to play in the photoshoots, the time to choose an outfit, or even the sacrifice of a holiday to create new outfits.

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