Vic Toffan is passionate about inspiring women to increase their confidence through fitness!

She exudes a different level of zealousness and passion for transforming women’s lives through fitness.

Every day we hear stories about different people from different backgrounds, fields, and countries achieving massive success in their respective industries. Ever wonder why certain individuals dominate?

“I am determined to help as many women as possible feel beautiful in their own skin, and achieve their dream physiques. The true transformation is reflected in my client’s confidence,” says a leading online fitness coach, and expert Vic Toffan, who has completely immersed herself in the world of fitness, and is riding high on success with her exceptional online fitness coaching for women.

“Confidence amplified with the mindset of discipline carries over to other areas of my client’s lives. We have the ability to achieve anything with the proper plan, determination and a little sweat equity,” stated Vic, who is a powerful woman herself. Not only is Vic an online transformation coach, but the CEO of FITFI Inc., a computer vision-enabled disruptive Fitness Technology Company, and Paramedic.

Across Canada, Vic Toffan has undoubtedly made a special place for herself in the fitness industry and will continue to keep pushing the envelope to inspire as many women as possible. “We need more strong women in this world – in all aspects of the word – and I am passionate about helping them to realize their full potential.”

Vic Toffan believes that resistance training is the key to a strong foundation. She teaches her clients to sculpt their dream physique by lifting weights properly and investing in fitness programs that set them up for long-term success.

Vic Toffan also provides nutritional recommendations, which ultimately help her clients to improve their body composition and health. “I believe that the best way for my clients to obtain long-term success, is by teaching them how to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way,” stated Vic. “If your program is sustainable, your results will be as well.”

“I put a strong emphasis on education for my clients and use science-based methods to fuel their success. Together we build and maintain great physical transformations and mindsets,” says the sought-after online fitness coach. Vic Toffan is specifically known for helping her clients to achieve the fit and feminine physiques that they dream of, and providing them with the guidance to maintain their results independently.

With the objective of mentoring and providing best-in-class fitness solutions to more women across the globe, Vic Toffan continues to dominate the industry in bringing about a positive change to her client’s lives. She continues to deliver amazing transformations, embodying the fit and feminine physique that her clients work with

her to achieve. She is a leading force as a coach and mentor in the fitness industry and will continue to positively impact the lives of women around her.

Derek Robins

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