Veronika Quintana-James is the personification of motivation: learn more about this inspiring fitness coach.

Veronika Quintana-James is the personification of motivation: learn more about this inspiring fitness coach.

“Success is a mindset, not a circumstance.”- On any day, you would find personal trainer and fitness coach Veronika Quintana-James living her life by this saying. The woman has experienced a lot of things throughout her journey and after so many years of keeping up the hustle, she still believes that to be successful, one needs to put their ego down and be willing to make the necessary mistakes to learn. She also believes they have to trust in the process regardless of where they are in life today so they can have the life they want later on. Only then, if they delay the gratification, stay consistent in their attitude and their efforts, will success come to them. Whether you are running after money, status or trying to make a positive change in your life or the lives of others, the most important thing is to keep going.  She says it’s okay to detour, but one must never lose sight of their ultimate goal.

Veronika, was born on the 29th of June in the year of 1998. She comes from a family of 5 siblings- 2 older brothers and 2 triplet sisters (she is the third). Her father had unfortunately passed away in 2019 to a rare heart disease which left him with only 5 months from his sickness to his untimely death. The loss of a father figure shook the family, but Veronika and her siblings who were grown up, took care of their mother and made sure that the family didn’t fall apart. This is an example of how Veronika displayed immense strength of mind and a positive attitude even in times of great despair.

This very same sense of optimism and self belief is what has brought Veronika Quintana-James to the level she is at today. When Veronika played competitive hockey, she would often get picked on by both competitors as well as her own teammates for not having the proper body shape and mass of a hockey player. She felt ashamed, not because they were having a laugh, but because deep down she felt they were right. She was too thin and easy to knock down on the ice. Veronika didn’t let this criticism stop her from enjoying the sport but also decided to work on making herself stronger and fitter to become better for her sport and for herself. As a 16 year old, Veronika was a daily visitor at the local gym and since then she didn’t ever stop.

Veronika first got an idea of what she wanted to do in life when she saw the gym trainers and felt an immense sense of respect and admiration towards them. Although she didn’t take the direct route to achieve those ambitions, Veronika is still glad for all her experiences. She worked many jobs such as a 1-on-1 special needs camp counselor, swim instructor, skating instructor, and a personal trainer. She doesn’t have any complaints from any of them, but by the end she realised that her childhood dream was indeed the best and most fulfilling job for her. Veronika doesn’t consider her job as only a career option- rather it is a means for her to help those who are currently in her past footsteps unhappy with their body and life.

Presently, the 22 year old works under the guidance of Amer the Hammer and who has helped her to develop the mindset of a winner over the years. Veronika Quintana-James works at Lady The F Up as a Body Transformation Coach with a goal of bringing a positive change in the lives of as many women she possibly can. Even during the pandemic she brings the best out of her clients in all areas of their life- physically, mentally and emotionally.

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