Vaibhav Nagare discusses his hit single ‘Desi Tadka’, having unique sounds and more

Vaibhav Nagare discusses his hit single ‘Desi Tadka’, having unique sounds and more

Ever since his arrival on the dance music scene, Vaibhav Nagare, an incredible Music Producer, unique DJ for over a decade, and also a Software Engineer based out of Pune has been constantly churning out breathtaking releases back to back making him one of the finest music producers on the circuit right now. Here is what he had to say about Desi Tadka, its music video, and upcoming projects

Q. How long have you all been producing/DJing for? Tell us about the origin of your music?

A. I started as a DJ/ Music Producer about 10 years ago. Growing up in an Indian family in general, inspired me to integrate Indian ethnic elements fused with electronic sounds in my compositions.

Q. Congratulations on the release of your single Desi Tadka. What was the inspiration for producing this track?

A. I wanted to compose a song that’s very Desi, drenched in Indian ingredients spiced up with my signature sound of ear-rattling drums and bone-shaking bass seasoned with an eclectic blend of Indian sounds and rambunctious percussions. So happy to see it has crossed 80k views on YouTube. Let me know what you think about it ;)?

Q. You are inclined towards Indian sounds in your music. Is there an Indian instrument you really like?

A. There are several instruments we have in India and each instrument has its unique sound, characteristics. I like to experiment with every instrument sound.

Q. How have you managed to produce various genres? What do your fans/ listeners think about it?

A. There are no rules in music, Life is short, I have the interest to produce various genres, which cover the broad spectrum of electronic music. Exploring & producing unique music makes me happy and that’s really important. Fans? oh, my listeners know they are in for a treat when my music appears on their music feed.

Q. What are you looking forward to most when this situation is fully over?

A. I would say traveling and playing shows at clubs. This is something I’m itching to do and I absolutely cannot wait.

Q. 2021 was a big year for you, with 5 releases in total and a few more to come. How hard was it to release music at a time where the dance music scene was struggling?

A. Making music is my passion and releasing it comes with great pleasure with or without being able to play shows.

Q. What is your typical creation process when you’re making a track? Talk us through how you create your music

A. Making music for me is like a process of meditation, happiness, creative space, and a process of insight. I usually convert my rough idea into one project or maybe a voice note. Later I improvise, thinking if it’s something I really want to proceed with. If that’s the case then I convert that rough idea into the entire song.

Q. From your experience within the dance music scene, how important is it for you to have your own signature, flavor?

A. It’s definitely hard and may take months or even years but at the same time, it’s very important to have your own signature sound because if you just check some dance playlists on Spotify or other platforms everything would sound similar, or close to that. In order to be unique or exceed the listener’s expectations, you have to stick out and just have your own sound!

Q. Lastly, do we have more music coming in the last quarter of 2021?

A. Absolutely, ‘Afterparty’ an EDM Groove House style song is coming up on the ‘Seal Network’ and I also have a collaboration coming up with singer-songwriter Lola Rhodes based out of Los Angeles releasing soon and many more!

Vaibhav is looking forward to releasing many compositions soon in the days to come ahead. Don’t forget to check him out on @officialnagarevaibhav!

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