Striking a chord with the audience – Nick21 phenomenal rise as a singer & musician

Striking a chord with the audience – Nick21 phenomenal rise as a singer & musician

Making realistic music resulted in Nick Lauer dedicated global following, and hence, he became an accomplished musician and singer.

In the fiercely competitive world of entertainment, only artists that possess extraordinary talent & work extremely hard succeed. Along with these attributes is one crucial yet, very basic attribute, which leads them to success, their art’s connection with the people. The same stands true for the people who create music; the artist’s music should connect the listener; it should have a soul. The audience seldom forgets soul-less songs, even if it is catchy on first hearing. Strongly believing is a musician & singer who always has, with his music, connected with his listeners. The much-adored and talked about star is Nick Lauer. Nick Lauer, with his outrageous talent, soulful connection, and work ethic, has reached the threshold of industry.

Nick21 realistic approach and feel to his singing and music is one of the reasons why he has earned a dedicated following from all corners of the world. He draws inspiration from the many greats of the industry and mixes them well with the modern form of music. 

Despite the insurmountable odds, Nick broke free of the bad vibes and incorporated agony into his singing and music. What started angst to create art soon turned into a blissful experience for Nick, as his music and singing struck a chord with the audience. His mesmerizing sound and the entire vibe he creates today with each of his tracks have earned him massive recognition and name in the competitive industry. Nick21 strived to break the mould and achieved glorious success. 

With dollops of talent and will to succeed, he has slowly and steadily made his mark in the music industry. After struggling for some time, he became a self-made star and worked with other artists to build his repute and showcase his calibre. Nick21 connection with his audience led to his rise as an accomplished musician and singer.

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