Unised International – Choose the right thing for your child.

Unised International – Choose the right thing for your child.

Are smart classrooms enough for engaging studies? The answer is No. The smart classrooms provides the mirror information of the books on a digital screen. In this era of the digitalized world, an ordinary screen with same information does not sound appealing. To cope up with this, we’re here to discuss about the Unised International that provides with the ideas and factors of a innovative classroom.

The learning outcomes at Unised International revolves around some necessary components:
 • Key Concepts/Areas
 • Learning Resources
 • Transactional Processes

Each theme has been dealt as follows:
 • Need and significance: Teaching is a two way process. The student must respond to the concepts in order to fully equip them. Innovation in education encourages teachers and students to explore, research and use all the tools to uncover something new. These new ideas will compel students to use a higher level of thinking to resolve problems.

 • Learning Outcomes: Innovative teaching has a positive impact on the performance of diverse students. The goal is not to render information but to make students understand and equip the rendered information. Here, every student must explore themselves with full acquaintance without any hesitation to raise doubts.

 • Transactional processes: As discussed earlier, teaching is a two way process. Here, children are encouraged to participate in classroom activities through asking questions and framing problems. The students are provided with enviornment that tolerates learning from failures and make students feel motivated and think out of the box.

 • Learning Resources: These resources in Unised International range from providing learning material to activities which provides opportunities for interaction. Students are provided with necessary resources and the content can be increased as per students’ needs and contexts.

 • Suggestion for integration: Technology includes computers, calculators, and other learning tools that can help students with a diversity of learning needs and preferences. It enable teachers to establish contact for mentoring, participate in networks and access a variety of curricular models via technology.

 • Life skills: In 21st century, the students must be multi-literate to tackle various life problems. They are incorporated with strategies that require high-level thinking such as prediction, analysis and critical thinking. Critical thinking enables them to develop skills such as reasoning, questioning and investigating. Problem solving is an important element to gain life skills.

Furthermore, we are equipped with expert teachers with in-depth and thorough knowledge of their respective subjects and remain up-to-date with latest information and development in those fields.

Now, it depends upon you that your child deserves an obselete environment or the best education in the most innovative school.

Derek Robins

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