‘Trishna’s Castle’ – The perfect destination to spruce up your spiritual self, brought to you exclusively by Trishna Prakash Samat

‘Trishna’s Castle’ – The perfect destination to spruce up your spiritual self, brought to you exclusively by Trishna Prakash Samat

One always needs that whiff of fresh air to clear your mind off burdens, Trishna’s Castle does that for you.

Trishna Prakash Samat is a creative soul donning many hats at a time. An actor, writer, producer, speaker and now a spiritual guide who has taken up the task of transforming lives of those in distress. She has been successful in whichever field she has laid her hands on. As a author, her book ‘Taaje Sapne’, had found a niche reader base and has been hugely applauded. Readers have been all praises for her writing and she has won rave reviews for her book within a short period of its launch. Apart from writing she has also scripted, acted and produced a short film ‘Meri Khoj Mere Haath’, which has been critically acclaimed by industry insiders as well as the audience. Her acting prowess has been widely appreciated, and the subject of the film which revolves around women empowerment has won her a million fans and followers. The film featured on Eros Now app and has already garnered a huge viewer base.

We wonder what drew her towards spiritualism, to this Trisha answers “I have met a lot of people in my life who were going through a bad phase and they would find solace in my words, my being around them and many have experienced a drastic change in their lives after I intervened, and this boosted my confidence to go ahead and help people through my spiritual capabilities, and that’s how the idea of starting ‘Trishna’s Castle’ germinated in my mind.”

Her venture takes off soon as she is in the final stages of setting up her office in Mumbai’s suburb – Andheri. Her sole aim is to provide a cushioned backing for those who need mental support and guidance if they feel their life is not taking them anywhere. The brand ‘Trishna’s Castle’ is soon to launch it’s official website which will also have loads of informative and engaging content in the form of Audio Books, E-Books, Motivational Videos, and E-Courses to boost your inner personality.

Trishna is also coming up with a new book based on her life and her journey towards spiritualism. She indeed is a messiah in disguise for many out there who are in need of help. Going by her sincere efforts, we are sure Trishna is going to shine bright and make everyone proud, through her initiative ‘Trishna’s Castle’. Stay tuned to know more about her in coming times!

Derek Robins

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