Treating the Whole You Under One Roof: District Health Care Services’ Soon-To-Be-Opening Multidisciplinary Health Complex Would Make It Possible

Treating the Whole You Under One Roof: District Health Care Services’ Soon-To-Be-Opening Multidisciplinary Health Complex Would Make It Possible

The American healthcare system is broken, and the biggest issue is rising expenses. The forces of demand do not run it freely. In addition, administrative inefficiencies make the system score even more poorly since providers and patients spend so much time on duplicative testing, volumes of paperwork, and insurance conflicts.

Thus, a multidisciplinary business model is essential for treating the whole patient. It is a game-changing concept, as interdisciplinary teams provide quality and coordinated care right within the center. Also, it is a long-term strategy for individualized care, particularly for treating chronic conditions.

District Health Care Services, LLC  is a Washington, D.C.-based, super passionate organization that works to provide quality and comprehensive care at reasonable costs. Its administration aims to make healthcare accessible for all. Their soon-to-be-opening medical center at 1445 Howard RD SE, Washington D.C., would operate under the supervision of Dr. Freya Spielberg, founder of Urgent Wellness. District Health Care Services also extends community support so those who seek care can work with nonprofits to address their healthcare needs.

The multidisciplinary facility is set to change the flawed healthcare system, delivering the necessary services within the facility for patient convenience and responsible care. From behavioral health support to lab services and pharmacy, patients will find a wide range of comprehensive primary care services under one roof. The process will be absolutely collaborative, involving different physicians, patients, and their families.

In a multidisciplinary facility team like this, each team member is an expert in their specialty and maintains professionalism to work cohesively and productively. Such a healthcare approach enables patients:

● To access the necessary healthcare information
● Set personalized health goals
● Achieve treatment satisfaction while decreasing costs
● Save time on going over the right treatments
● Improve the outcome with an interdisciplinary care team
For health professionals, a multidisciplinary approach allows:
● Better educational opportunities
● Streamline workflows and reduce service duplication
● Identify areas of need and manage those for improved patient outcome
● Collaborate with other healthcare providers for better decision-making
● Effective communication and minimal errors

A multidisciplinary care approach in the health industry offers greater treatment satisfaction, reduces hospitalization durations, and significantly reduces the number of unplanned and unnecessary admissions or readmissions.

Facilities like District Health Care Services are changing the face of the sector in the Washington D.C. area. Other areas and establishments can follow in their footsteps to better the healthcare infrastructure in the country. For more information on this multidisciplinary practice, what they would be offering, and how they plan to proceed, visit

Derek Robins

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