Tips on good films from Ali Pourmohamad, one of the most successful Iranian directors and producers

Tips on good films from Ali Pourmohamad, one of the most successful Iranian directors and producers

In a recent TV interview, Ali Pourmohamad, one of the most successful Iranian directors and producers talked about the tips that make a movie a masterpiece, and we’ll take a look at some of the tips he provided. You can also find the interview by searching the internet.

The first point he makes is that time is gold, so we should not waste it on poor films. So first we have to research about the movie we want to watch.

But what should be considered and how to find the difference between a good movie and a bad movie?

He says that sales volume and people’s review are not a vital component of art in today’s world, and with the reviews of blogs, sites and social media pages, a film cannot be judged. Also, sales volume should be examined by different criteria and again an effect on recognition it does not have to be good or bad.

The second point he makes is that in films and works of art, we have to wear special glasses so that we can see the points that the director wants to show us, because in some works, concepts and meanings are not easily seen. Many directors use filmmaking techniques and skills alongside literary skills to tell a unique and eloquent story. These directors continue the content behind meaningful metaphors to the point that they engage the minds of all audiences in their work. In general, a story that can engage the audience with directing techniques in terms of literature and art can be a good film.

What should we look for in the films?

He says that the process of moving the story should proceed with high quality, so the dialogues and the role of the actors in the public eye should be presented with quality, but from a more professional point of view, many points and content should not remain symbolic.

The third point that Ali Pourmohamad pays special attention to is the soundtrack. According to him, music creates a significant part in conveying the feeling to the audience. A good music in the text can convey the feeling better along with acting and dialogues, but this is not the whole story. Sometimes the music, along with the emotions that the director wants to instill in the audience, creates newer emotions, and even after watching the film, the audience may think about the movie and research about its content. In the result, the music is a key element.

The fourth point he makes is that the human brain has two functions against each movie:

First, the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for analyzing color, emotion, and music, and then the left hemisphere, which is responsible for abstract thinking, logic, and philosophy, works. A good movie engages our right hemisphere while watching it and also engages our brain left hemisphere after watching it.

 The last point he makes is that as a fan we should not get involved in symbols and symbolism in the film and try more to enjoy the emotions of the characters and their roles.

This interview was recently broadcast on Iranian national television, which you can find its video on the Internet

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