Tips for Improving Your Sales Offering | Official Interview with Sales Expert, Aaron Regev

Tips for Improving Your Sales Offering | Official Interview with Sales Expert, Aaron Regev

Not so fun fact, but did you know that at least 61% of sales professionals believe that it’s harder to sell now than it was five years ago?

The reason for this is pretty straightforward— the world is evolving and that includes the people and technologies in it too. And, if you’re not keeping up with that evolution? You can pretty much kiss your chances of finding success in this economy goodbye.

But okay, so what’s the solution? Well… this is pretty obvious too — but training, training is the answer. Recent statistics show that sales onboarding programs have an ROI of 353% — a fact that is significantly underused, seeing as over 27% of companies still haven’t made the proper adjustments to take advantage of it.

Today, we invited over Aaron Regev, a Sales Manager at Total Home Protection (a home warranty company stationed in the United States), for an interview that we hope will offer our readers some insight on how to keep up with the rapidly changing sales environment:

Hello! Thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview. Why don’t we start with an introduction? What kind of work do you do?

Aaron Regev: Hello to you too. My name is Aaron, I work in sales. I’ve always been in sales, and I’ve built up a lot of experience on the matter over the years. Currently, I work in the home warranty industry (specifically, with a company called Total Home Protection, run by our CEO David Seruya). I was initially hired on the team to help put the sales team into shape.

Odd question maybe, but are there any misconceptions about your career that you want to clear up?

Aaron Regev: Misconceptions? Well, the big one is that not everyone thinks it’s necessary. And okay, while I’ve seen some businesses out there making do without the same kind of refined setup we run here at THP, the truth of the matter is that it is more than necessary to have at least some semblance of order in your sales team. We’re here to ensure that our company is earning its bread and butter, after all. And the more streamlined you can get things? The better.

What’s one characteristic that you believe is important for any member of your sales team to have?

Aaron Regev: Confidence. And by that, I do not mean overflowing arrogance, because that’s only going to get you more hurt, not less. Just a certainty, you know? A little bit of conviction that you’re doing the right thing — and that you can keep doing the right thing. That’s what you need to pull off the game. I want everyone in my team to be freethinkers. I want them to be able to make their own choices.

Do you have any way of ensuring that your team has the confidence that they need for the job?

Aaron Regev: A lot of it comes down to proper guidance and leadership, I think. As a leader, it’s my responsibility to help them grow, not just individually, but as members of a team (of which there is a difference.) This usually comes in the form of open communication and encouragement, but also stern lectures (should they make a mistake that requires the kind of ‘tough love’ correction that my parents raised me with.)

What kind of training did you get to reach the level that you are at today? (Did you have any mentors or role models over the years that greatly impacted your career path?)

Aaron Regev: I’ve definitely had my fair share of mentors and role models. If we’re looking all the way back, I’d point towards my parents and my grandparents — who raised me to be accepting of hard work and humility. If we’re looking at the present, I’d point towards David Seruya, my current boss, who proved to me that knowing everything about the industry that you belong in (and then some!) is necessary to achieve success.

In between them, I’ve had other mentors — both good and bad, who taught me a range of ideas and values (some I took to heart, some I didn’t). Either way, every single one of them shaped the man that I’ve become today.

For our last question, do you have any parting advice to give to those who may be looking into a career in sales?

Aaron Regev: Keep learning. As the world evolves and advances, you must too. That’s the only way that you’ll be able to make it past your competition. Don’t allow yourself to grow complacent because, even if, at this moment, you know everything that there is to know about your job, your industry, and whatever else. By tomorrow? That will change.

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