This Week’s OTT Releases: Showtime, Wild Wild Punjab, Kakuda, And More

This Week’s OTT Releases: Showtime, Wild Wild Punjab, Kakuda, And More

OTT platforms including Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Sony LIV will be the release venues for a number of web series and films this week. This week’s OTT lineup is really interesting, with shows like Commander Karan Saxena and Pill and films like Kakuda and Wild Wild Punjab.

1. Commander Karan Saxena on Disney+ Hotstar

  • Release date: July 8

    Commander Karan Saxena, starring Gurmeet Choudhary, Iqbal Khan, Arsh Aneja, and Deepak Tokas, will debut onDisney+ Hotstar on July 8. The narrative tracks RAW agent Karan Saxena as he solves a complex case involving powerful political figures.

    2. Wild Wild Punjab on Netflix

    • Release date: July 10

      In Netflix’s Wild Wild Punjab, breakups are everything. Kahnne, the protagonist of the film, is a man getting over a breakup. Along with his pals Arore, Jainu, and Honey, he sets off on a post-breakup journey to confront his heartbreak and muster the will to move on.

      3. Mastermind: To think like a killer on Disney+ Hotstar

      • Release date: July 11

        In the miniseries Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer, Dr. Ann Burgess of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit is followed as she develops novel techniques for solving crimes to aid in the investigation of serial killings. The show explores Ann’s life as a brilliant hunter of serial killers.

        4. Vikings Valhalla on Netflix

        • Release date: July 11

        Vikings: Valhalla is an online series that centers on the conflict between the local Englishmen and the descendants of the Vikings, taking place more than a century after the events of the television show Vikings. The adventures of Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada, and William the Conqueror, the Norman king, are the main subjects of the story.

        5. Pill on JioCinema

        • Release date: July 12

        The main character of the web series Pill, starring Riteish Deshmukh, is Dr. Prakash, who is determined to expose the widespread corruption endangering the pharmaceutical sector. As he sets out on a quest to reveal the business’s illicit activities under the pretext of selling medications, Prakash encounters the pharmaceutical behemoth Forever Cure.

        6. Kakuda on Zee5

        • Release date: July 12

        Kakuda, a Zee5-exclusive horror comedy starring Riteish Deshmukh, is about what happens to a town that is cursed to be stuck in time. The small village of Indira and Sunny faces the curse of “the hump” when they relocate there without knowing its past. They call the eccentric ghost hunter Victor in an attempt to save themselves.

        7. 36 Days on Sony LIV

        • Release date: July 12

          36 Days is a thriller mystery featuring Neha Sharma. A woman who settles into what appears to be a typical neighborhood is the subject of the web series. Her daring wardrobe choices and inquisitive demeanor cause discontent among the locals. A startling discovery shakes the little village after an elderly woman vanishes.

          8. Showtime Part 2 on Disney+ Hotstar

          • Release date: July 12

            The final three episodes of the Emraan Hashmi drama series Showtime will finally be available on Disney+ Hotstar on July 12. The second half of the show will focus on what happens when Raghu Khanna appears to lose everything. The audience will see Raghu’s journey of redemption as he confronts his insecurities and inner demons. This is Raghu and Mahika’s showdown.

            9. Thanksgiving on Netflix

            • Release date: July 13

            Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, and other actors star in the horror mystery Thanksgiving. The narrative takes place in a small Massachusetts community that is plagued by murderous threats. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the murderer stalks his victim while wearing a John Carver mask. The Grindhouse is the basis for the film.

            10. The Blind on Netflix

            • Release date: July 14

            The Blind is a drama film based on the real-life experiences of reality TV personality Phil Robertson. Years before Phil became famous, during a period when he fell in love and began a family, is when the movie’s story takes place. But his demons tore apart his existence. The film follows his journey toward atonement and the establishment of his own dynasty.

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