ATK Introduces The Z87 Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard Featuring An Aluminum Top And Gasket Mount

ATK Introduces The Z87 Pro Three-Mode Mechanical Keyboard Featuring An Aluminum Top And Gasket Mount

The ATK Z87 Pro, a new mechanical keyboard from Chinese peripheral manufacturer ATK, provides a feature set that will appeal to consumers that are performance-driven as well as cost-conscious.

ATK Z87 Pro Keyboard Specifications: 

The Z87 Pro is a minimalist and gamer-friendly space-saving keyboard with a tiny 87-key layout that does away with the num pad. With its elegant semi-aluminum casing and CNC-anodized metal top cover, the keyboard combines luxury aesthetics with long-lasting sturdiness. In addition to the keyboard’s backlighting, the keyboard has integrated PVD ornamental light strips.

Under the hood, the Z87 Pro comes with two switch options: Aniya switches and Kailh Blueberry Ice Cream switches. These are linear switches, renowned for their speed-focused design and seamless keypress. In order to provide a comfortable typing experience, the keyboard also features a variety of keycap profile options, such as OEM and MDA profiles for premium PBT keycaps.

In order to isolate the keyboard’s plate from the base and reduce typing noise while enhancing the feel of the keys, the Z87 Pro features a Gasket structure that makes use of silicone pads. Higher-end keyboards usually have this feature, which adds to a more upscale typing experience.

The Z87 Pro has remarkable specs in addition to excellent build quality. With an 8000mAh battery, it has a long battery life and a 1ms response time, making it perfect for competitive gamers. Additionally, the keyboard offers versatility for various installations with support for three connection modes: wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth 5.0.

A 16.7 million color ARGB lighting system on the keyboard enables substantial customization of the keyboard’s appearance. ATK also comes with its ATK HUB software, which gives users fine-grained control over keyboard performance, sensitivity settings, and lighting effects.

Cost and Availability:

There are three color options available for the ATK Z87 Pro: Black, Silver, and Ambient Side-Engraved. The basic model of the keyboard, which comes with Aniya switches, is reasonably priced at 279 yuan (about $38). Selecting the Silver Blueberry Ice Cream option results in an increased cost of 369 yuan, or almost $50.

Sanchita Patil

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