The belief in evil entities, djinns, demons, poltergeists, and their dark powers is mostly considered to be a figment of human imagination. Many have blamed horror movies, calling it a work of fiction. The horror movies’ storylines surrounding an old house and the hauntings that occur have become a cliché. When you think of a demon, a dark humongous creature with burning red eyes and pointed teeth comes to mind. But do demons look like that? Or is it just a universal description that has been depicted in the movies and horror literature?

This brings us to our original topic, exorcism. We usually watch the dark, brutal, and terrifying rituals in movies while hiding our faces behind the pillow. Are they as intense? Do the possessed levitate, and does holy water help?

Exorcists take medical and mental health consultations

According to the Vatican Church guidelines, exorcists ensure that the “possessed” undergo an evaluation process, including psychological and psychiatric evaluation. Most people self-diagnose themselves, but these evaluations are a part of the church’s protocol.

Exorcism is sometimes used for political agenda

Some priests have allegedly used the prayer of exorcism for political reasons like “exorcising” political issues. For example, same-sex marriages or the 2020 U.S. election since the priests believed Donald Trump won. Priests exorcise anything they deem evil, even if it’s an election.

The number of U.S. Catholic exorcists is growing

In 2005, about 12 Catholic priests were trained and worked as exorcists. Currently, there are approximately 150. The growth is directly impacted by the growing belief in demonic possessions and the popularity of exorcism.

Not every priest in an exorcist

Priests are specially trained and permitted by the church’s ministry to carry out an exorcism. The rise in exorcism hype has highly influenced the number of exorcists.

The Vatican exorcism course

Due to the rising demand, the Vatican invited about 250 priests for the exorcism course. Despite being controversial, the Vatican has designed an immersive program and protocols for priests to learn and exercise exorcism.

Exorcism is more than a dark, scary ritual. Some believe it rids you off demonic possessions; some believe it’s a complete hoax. Nonetheless, reading about it and watching it through our screens remains extremely intriguing, and the adrenaline rush is unmatched. Grab your copy of Wabi Shabby: A Collection of Short Stories today to read a riveting tale of exorcism with perfect anticipation, eeriness, and jump factor.

Derek Robins

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